Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And you’ll find out tonight oh it’s a world of extreme

Blogging has been inspirationless. Fingers touch the keypad but all that comes out of alt tab flick backs between gmail, facebook and red confectionery is ........................complete..............fuck..............all.
One would think that two months of being abroad would have conjured something worthy to write. Lets face it, blogging must been inspirationless if the only blogpost in the past two months i've written is focussed on how blogging is extremely dull.

I miss home. Yes already. Though am not ready to come back. Not even for a short visit. I seriously don't know how kiwigirl does it. The thing i miss the most is having friends on call whenever for whatever reason.

K that is it for now. Salmonella Dub tommorow.
Im sure there will be more interesting blogs soon.


p.s: promise


kiwigirl said...

I think I just got lucky. When I first moved to America - I met the most amazing people, who became my family.

I still miss my New Zealand family like crazy though. Maybe more now....

Are you guys going to come visit?

xx K

Little Red Riding Hood said...

Visit the States??

one day yuss. We're be in UK by November - tho one is leaving earlier in August via China and the other in October via Japan.