Friday, March 30, 2007

Section 59 Media Coverage

My goodness Tv 1 and Tv 3 included pro-repeal protestors as well as anti-repeal, I do not understandy why people are so suprised.

There was also coverage in the Herald, The Dom Post, Hawkes Bay Today, Otago Daily Times and The Press. (no doubt others as well)

I think it is great to see the media showing that people on both sides are vocal, and I think that it is great to see young people who are future parents in this country standing up for children's rights.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Section 59 Protest - "I'm Not Violent"

I was at the Section 59 Protest, and made National Headline News, check out the video. My heart had a bit of flutter when I got to talk Duncan

Here are some photos I took mainly before the bulk of protestors arrived.
I enjoyed myself immensely and as the video from one news, I don't know about three, I was also incredibly vocal. I love that in NZ when you feel strongly about something we are allowed to protest and actually have democracy being practiced here.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My appeal to Repeal

This was my letter which I sent to politians asking them to Repeal Section 59:


Please support the Crimes Amendment Bill.

Our children deserve better than the status quo with section 59.

Positive parenting has been found to be much more effective in teaching children to behave well. Hitting them doesn't teach children anything. It just perpetuates cycles of violence.

As a Christian, my support for this Bill is consistent with and mandated by my faith. Christian teaching is based on the message of love and treating others with dignity and respect.


If you want to do your bit you can send an email from the website that will go to which ever MPs you want it to urging them to vote for the Repeal of Section 59.

I wrote to many MPs (no labour ones) about a year ago asking for their stance on Section 59, Peter Dunne and Winston Peters were the only people I ever heard back from, although they did represent the views of all their caucus stating it would be conscience votes. Act and the Nats never got back to me. This does not discourage me, at least they have heard a voice from the public, so PLEASE get emailing. A large number of singular voices has a lot of power.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Student Debt

Student Debt has passed the $9 billion mark. This is terrible and something needs to be done.

Tomorrow is "National Action Day" and student associations around the country and planning different activities to make students and the public aware of the situation. Salient has an article about what is happening in Wellington and has some opinions about student debt from VUWSA President Geoff Hayward and NZUSA co-president Josh Clark.

The Government has lowered interest rates on student debt from 6.9% - 6.8%, which almost seems pointless. And even though students loans are now interest free so long as you remain in NZ, the fact is students are having to borrow to live and therefore their debt is rising, even without interest.

I know that as students, getting interest free student loans was a HUGE step, and one that we will be forever thankful for, but Universal Student Allowances NEED to be implemented, its not fair or reasonable that students have to borrow to survive.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Garners impresses President

TV 3' Political Editor and my favourite, Duncan Garner, has had his suit complimented by President Bush. While trying to get Bush to answer a question, Bush deflected this by commenting on Garner's snappy dress sense.
It appears that Garner's suit was so memorable to the President that he instructed the American Press to take a page out of Garner's book and start to dress sensibly... maybe something the President himself could do - seriously those boots with his suit did not go.
For those interested Duncan Garner's Suit was purchased from FARRYS on Lambton Quay, the suit is made by Cambridge (an Akl company), with the fabric imported from Italy and the wool is either NZ or Australian.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A bit of a giggle

Walking past the reading room of the Parliamentary Library last night I had a bit of giggle at the fact that one of the books on a stand that the librarian's put out was entitled "Why Honesty Pays"

Monday, March 19, 2007

The debates hitting everyone...

Pardon the pun in the title, but it appears that the "anti-smacking" bill is really fast becoming the most talked about thing in NZ since TomCat's wedding.

This week's Woman's Day has an article on it with views from both sides, Simon Barnett from shows such as Face the Music, is against the bill with families also being used on both the for and against benches.

The newly launched Cleo website also has a forum running on it, which shows just how much this bill is in the minds of young people as well as parents and law makers in NZ. Some of the comments on this forum are quite interesting.

I must say that I was please to see in the DomPost the other day some opinions from children's points of view, and also that Cindy Kiro is making sure that it is their best interests we are looking out for.

I am for the repeal of Section 59, something which is of no suprise to anyone as I have stated my stance on this bill many times. The next few weeks and months will be filled with intense debate and hopefully no more ridiculous filabuster attacks will launched.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The end of the man drought for Lulu

For those of you who didn't know, I have recently been on a voluntary "man drought." I would recommend this to any girl, just to see what it's like. It's also a good excuse for being single.

However, the drought has ended; I have acquired myself a very good looking Englishman. Get this: He fixed my broken hair straightener for me. How cool is that?

xx L

Friday, March 09, 2007

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

And if we are three policemen who all keep out story the same, and tell our wives to go along with it then away from prison we remain. (Unless you stuffed up in a different case and ended up there anyway)

Last night in Wellington and Auckland were the protests about the not guilty verdicts handed down in the recent case against Schollum, Shipton and Rickards. I had hoped to attend but due to one being busy and having other events I could not. However I was driving past the Police Station/Civic Square about half six, where I saw a police front of females outside the front door to the cop shop, and as we were waiting at the lights, a male officer came out and obviously told them that the protesters would be no trouble now as they all went inside.

When I originally heard the news I was furious, I was shaking with anger and also felt so upset for that poor woman who had had to relive that moment over and over again for years, and then in court, to have her rapists aquitted. The fact that two were jail already does not serve justice, as they are not in jail for their rape on her.

Rickards should be in jail in my (and many others) opinion, I know that he has been declared an innocent man through the justice system, but I do not believe that he his, nor do I have to. He can not go back to being district commander, assistant commissioner and he can kiss away his chances of being Police Commissioner, as we can not have a Police officer in such positions when such a large number of the public despise, detest and distrust him.

We certainly need to be careful about how treat the Police currently, not all of them are rapists. Not all of them man handle and abuse people. Not all of them are on power trips. However there are some who are and they should not be in the Police Force and without a true Police watchdog in NZ it is our job to ensure that any cases get reported.

Monday, March 05, 2007

O-Week in Wellington

Man what a week last week was - definitely my best O-week ever!!!

I was so tired this weekend as I had spent most of the week partying O-week style, particularly from Wednesday onwards.

Wednesday arvo started at wank (Mount St Bar) where a quiz was to take place but as there were only a small number of people there it was postponed until Thursday, so we wandered down to Dusty's played some cricket (well kind of cricket) and then I watched poker while others played, before heading to Syn for some Hell's Pizza and then heading home.

Thursday rocked!!! Thursday afternoon I was back at Wank to partake in the Quiz, although my team did not get placed I won a Mill voucher for $50 (which of course has already been spent) I got terribly drunk on a combination of beers and was fairly trolleyed by 7pm. I was supposed to attend the Great Debate, instead i slept on the VUWSA presidents couch.

After a quick recovery I wandered up to the Comedy Night it was SO funny, and I proceeded to get even drunker as I was being supplied with free Black Smirnoffs and was sitting backstage for most of the event, so also got to meet the comedians. It was an awesome event.

Afterwards I have some memory of being at Dusty's again and then sitting on the side of the road waiting for my mate to come down so we could go to town, its a bit fuzzy.

Friday night I was SO tired, as on top of my late nights on Wednesday and Friday I had been spreading the Labour word at both the Kelburn and Piptea Clubs Days. I also was not feeling the best so opted for an early night. I only know about the incident at the NOFX concert via word of mouth and from witnesses and do not want to speculate, except that it does it appear it has been blown out of proportion.

Yesterday was the bowls competition at Island Bay, games were funny, costumes even funnier and the constant supply of Speights was even better, before heading to the Cambridge where the love of my life, Mr Conrad Smith, also was (I did not know this before hand) so as I have got a new phone since my last phone picture with him, I got another!!! He is SO hot.

This week I am partaking in the Suburban Speights Safari ie pub crawl on Wednesday night and hopefully Juliette and the Licks of Friday night, I will attempt to get some photos and post these for all to enjoy.

Huge Congrats to VUWSA and everyone who has helped run an awesome Orientation, keep up the good work.