Friday, June 29, 2007

oh the pain of it

Spice girls reunion tour??...... it was bad enough when Duran Duran had a reunion tour! (sorry to any Duran Duran fans out there).

Thursday, June 28, 2007

things you find in the supermarket

Lim Chour Supermarket never fails to amuse me with their products or their terrifically rather amusing mish mashed displays of food items, baby clothes, bits and bobs and other trinkets that look like they have come from last years Organic collection.

A bottle of Sodium Chloride Istonic on the fourth shelf of the asian confectionery aisle besides some Korean cherry cake packets, some type of gummi lollie and other asian sweets made me chuckle to myself..... Is Lim Chour subtly trying to tell us something??

An end to a decade

Last night i got to catch snippets of Blair's resignation and his standing ovation. 10 years as prime minister is pretty impressive!... all i can say is well done Mr Blair!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Off on Holiday

I am off on holiday in two hours so I expect blogging to be light if even non existent.

Plan on catching up on lots of sleep in between watching productions, debates and going to coffee alot. Hopefully I will also be able to find a gym which will allow me a casual membership, otherwise it will be lots of pavement pounding and a step to put in my room and do my own choreography too.

I am back in Wellington at beginning of July.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Curb your enthusiasm Starbucks

Larry sums what Starbucks is!


So was watching Motorway Patrol last night, and there was a crash which had occurred as some people were on their way home from Church on a Friday night - they were members of destiny, as the teenage son had a red t-shirt with destiny on the front and on the back it said:

"Self-control NOT birth control"

I could not believe that someone would actually wear that down the street, unless they were possibly protesting.

Trusty Taito

Here is the report on stuff from when Taito turned up at court today.

Independent MP Taito Phillip Field proclaimed his innocence when he arrived at court today for a preliminary hearing on whether he should be prosecuted on 14 bribery and corruption-related offences.

"I have nothing to hide," he told the large media contingent outside the High Court.

The hearing is effectively a depositions hearing with the High Court needing to be satisfied there is a case before charges can be laid.

The charges concern allegations Mr Field gave immigration help to Asian overstayers in return for cheap labour. They each carry a maximum prison sentence of seven years' jail.

Mr Field's lawyer, Satiu Simativa Perese, has previously said he believes he can stop the case going to trial by "successfully" defending the application.

He would not reveal how he was going to do that but the Dominion Post today said one argument would focus on the fact nearly two years had elapsed since the allegations were raised.

They were the subject of a nine-month inquiry by Noel Ingram, QC, who found Mr Field was guilty of errors of judgment but did not have a conflict of interest as he was not a minister at the time.

Mr Field was Labour's Mangere MP but the party expelled him in February as the police investigation dragged on. He refused to go quietly, instead staying on as an independent.

What men want.. apparently

Mouthing off
One sentence you're never going to hear men say is: "Thanks babe, but I'll pass on the blow job." Sneaking in a close second on the male fantasy roster, behind that policewoman threesome, is the universal desire for more oral pleasure. Why do some men seem to prefer this to actually having sex with you? For a start, it almost seems naughtier than intercourse. He also gets off on the idea that he turns you on so much that you're loving exploring a sexual boundary that some women are reluctant to cross. Then there's the proximity of your hands which, when used together with your lips and tongue, produce an effect that is far greater than the sum of their, ahem, parts. Make sure he understands that the more foreplay he delivers, the more likely you'll be to head downtown.

Talk dirty

While we're on the subject of mouths, men would like you to open yours more, to say what you want and how you want it. Male culture makes admitting to the slightest sexual inferiority or lack of knowledge a laughable offence. Beneath all the bravado is a deep need to satisfy you. Problem is he's been conditioned to refrain from seeking assistance. Just because he's reluctant to ask how to pleasure you doesn't mean he's unwilling in bed. How do you go about this? By using phrases such as: "It really turns me on when…", "to the left a bit", "softer", "harder" and "Yes, oh God, yeeeeessssss!" If you're embarrassed about speaking, place his hands on one of your hotspots and move it with the pressure or motion that feels best. Then respond to his improved technique with the odd moan.

Shake it up

Once a couple have been together for a while they often develop a sexual routine. It's not always a negative thing as it is usually mutually satisfying. So what's the problem? Mix things up a bit. If the bedroom is your primary lovemaking venue, why not steam things up in the shower? And it's worth adding some variety to the old ''he does this, then you do this'' choreography. Swap things around, throw a new position into the mix!

No time like the present

Question: What part of a man most enjoys being stroked? Answer: his ego! Show a man you gotta have him right here, right now, and he'll immediately slot this experience into his all-time sexual top 10. Men are most often the initiators of sex while women are the gatekeepers. Flip this around and he not only realises that you've been thinking about having him all day, but that the urge is so overwhelming it overrides your normal tendency to let him make the first move.

The wholistic approach
One of the cardinal sex sins drummed into men is charging straight for the clitoris without detouring to numerous other pleasure spots along the way. Yes, in our eagerness to satisfy you, we proceed with great haste to the point most likely to achieve said result. However, it's not until some kind soul points out that, for women, the journey is as important as the destination, that many a man slows things down in the name of erotic build-up. Women, I'm sorry to report, are frequently guilty of a similar crime, but because men don't need much foreplay to climax, this transgression is rarely reported. Don't ignore other areas of our bodies which yearn to be tweaked, twiddled and diddled. In other words, treat his nipples like Paddle Pops, stroke his thighs with your fingernails and then, when he's squirming like a cat in a bubble bath, journey to the turgid arrow.

And never again…

The real deal
Most women have faked an orgasm at some time in their lives. Stop it! The only person you're fooling is yourself. Men live for turning their partner on. No man will resent you teaching him to pleasure you to a greater degree. Tell him you'd like to work on making things better and, to avoid him feeling like a failure, ensure you point out the things he does right in bed. The situation is one that can be fixed with tact, honesty and a willingness to do things a little differently. If you never try, you won't even know what you're missing out on.

Where are they now

At the moment i am contemplating whether or not to throw a flat warming party at my flat- the theme being 1986-1996. While having flashbacks of everything i can remember during that era. I couldnt help thinking what happened to all those kids from all those 90s shows such as Saved By the Bell, Full House, Blossom, Wonder Years, Alf, Cosby Show, Doogie Howser, and so on. So heres what i think happened to some of them.

Screech (Saved By the Bell) - became principal of Bayside High and kicked out Mr Belding who ended up being some Wall Street hot shot. Found out that no one really liked him and that students in real life would rather run a mile than hang out with their balding school principal. This drove him to buying P from the local neighbourhood dealer and becoming an addict. I hear he has a nice place made out of bluebird boxes under madison bridge.

Stephanie Tanner (Full House) - ran away from home at the age of 14 to live on the streets of New York. Saw a flyer for work at Dunkin Donuts. Lied about her age to get the job. Is now in her late 20s, with 3 kids and is fry cook supervisor at Chucky Cheese.

Blossom (Blossom) - living in Japan. Teaches tai chi.

Steve Urkel (Family Matters) - grows taller and fulls out a bit. Gets eye contacts and gets Carson to update his wardrobe. Game show host for MTV

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

stuck in 99

Its been probably just over a week since my existence in the whole social network/ virtual world has expanded aka Bebo. It seems that everyone is on Bebo and admitingly being the geekazoid i am; i have also been sucked into it. Now being an ex university tutor and essay marker, i always wondered why so many 17/18 year old students couldnt write to save themselves during lab time. Then i come across all these Bebo profiles aka friends of my little brother who is also 17 and find this.

"hAe uM Wat u uP Tah....FuLlY DnT No hU U R Ae bWt u nO HaLaH AiTe"

"Ch...Ch...Chek dIz OwT yAlL....DiS bE yO BrAda 4rM aNaDaH MadaH!!!!! WeL dah nAmEzzZZz VuGa TaGicAkIbAu....n yea 7Th 4mah WtC. Dwn 2 Earf tyPa gUy, Luv mah RuGby, Luv Makin n Meetin frIenDz...OlD oR nEw...ImAh B dWn 4 iT...So yEa gUyz TrEaT mE lYk r BrAdAh n Iyl TreAt u Lyk mAh LuvEr!!!JoAx pEEpz. C YaHz rWnd!!!"

Ah okay, i'll just waste 10 minutes and look up my code deciphering manual so i can actually decipher all this goobleygook.

Booze Hags

Christchurch police are worried amount the severity of intoxication they are finding amongst young women.

Inspector Knowles is concerned that some girls are SO drunk that they are unable to stand and can not give directions to taxi drivers to get them home, when Police put them into a taxi.

The Police are concerned that these girls are a target for assault and rape.

In Wellington recently there has been a number of attacks and rapes on Young women in the wee hours of the morning - often when they are on their way home after drinking. It is extremely concerning.

I know that unless I have a boy to walk home with I am more than happy to pay about $10 for my taxi ride home if it means I get their safely - some say I am paranoid, I refer to say that I am cautious. It also means I can curl up in bed quicker.

The Establishment on Courtenay Place, is now using its courtesy van to take people, especially girls, home when they have finished their dancing and drinking, in an attempt to help make sure their patrons are safe and being looked after.

Salient have also looked at the safety of women on the streets of Wellington.

I do not think that the amount that is being drunk can be changed, legislation would not work and I do not think education is really changing young girls minds either - however I think introductions of courtesy vans is good, and even the police placing you in a taxi is good (so long as it is not a dodgy option)

I would actually like students associations to look into the matter, as quite often these young girls are students, and possibly somehow work with local community groups ie councils and police to see what can be done to help with the situation we are currently faced with.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Winter Whinge

I feel that anyone planning on travelling to Wellington any time soon needs to pack their winter woollies as winter has well and truly arrived - I am freezing.

My flat is quite warm but I have been adding an extra duvet the past couple of nights because it has been chilly. Work is freezing (it is always hot in summer and cold in winter) and whilst the rain has currenly eased and there is not even wind their is an icy chilliness in the air.

I am off to Hawkes Bay on Friday where I am going on holiday for 9 days, where it is not much warmer either so I have been told. Is there anywhere in NZ where it is warm currenly - except the far north???

This afternoon I am going to be ever so productive and make a pot of coffee and sit with my slippers and big polar fleece jacket on and watch oprah and ellen and attempt to get warm.

And one also knows winter has arrived when Shorty Street start advertising their one hour Mondays - no step class for this chicky dee on a Monday night anymores I think.

" I think this is yours"

In true Hard Candy style (well perhaps not), a lady in Liverpool has been jailed for a testicle attack with her bare hands.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

And I knight you...

Salman Rushdie aka (Harry Potter when he gets older if he dosent look after himself) has been knighted for his service to literature. Yes that guy who wrote the controversial book The Satanic Verses published sometime in the 80s.

Hitting the Town

Last night may have been really crap weather but I had a brilliant night.

Started at Occidental with Andrew and then Mike and Chris also from ACT joined us for some drinks, DPF had text at 9pm stating he had already had 10 shots and so was invited to join us, as he never turned up either at Occi or Matterhorn one presumes he was too intoxicated to leave St Johns.

We moved onto Matterhorn and proceeded drinking and smoking and had some really good conversations, including how much I dislike a certain political editor - who then happened to turn up two minutes later, talk about burning ears.

We headed over to JJ's arriving about 12ish (i think) where we bumped into Jordan Carter, Jeremy and his wife, Josh co-president of NZUSA and Hannah (who used to be in ACT?). Josh and Hannah stayed on with us at JJ's once the others left and some good debate went on about VSM and CSM. Note that this was at 2:30am!!!

Josh left us here and Andrew, Hannah, Mike and I proceeded to Electric Avenue, where we drank these HUGE cocktails that tasted like raro with a massive hit of vodka. We boogied to some 80s music where we came across an Irish guy who was convinced he had met me in Tauraunga last weekend and I had told him I was from Chile, and his mate an English guy who it turned out knows my cousin!

After being kicked out of here at 4 it was on to Jet, Estab and Maya all of which were shut so we ended up at Kitty's. Me and Hannah danced up a storm on the dance floor where we had an audience as we did a line dance/square dance to Cotten Eye Joe, bloody fabulous. We had a few admirers including a scary Samoan guy who though we were his own personal dance team to watch (creepy!) and these two guys who told us these were 15 and 17, looked about 18 or 19 but were actually 22! But it was so much fun just dancing with everyone who was still out at this time, most of us incredibly gone.

I headed home about 5:30 it must have been, with Hannah carrying on with the randoms to Vespa. On the whole a damn good night, a night well needed, great company, heaps of fun and certainly the latest I have been out in a while, last time was probably St Paddy's day when Josh and I got home about 5ish I think.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Our Patron God

Conrad Smith has recently been appointed as Red Confectionery's patron god.

However, he has hurt his hamstring and despite wanting to play against Canada on Saturday and in tri-nations game in Durban, he has been ruled out of both, with Luke McAlister to play centre in his place.

Conrad is one of the nicest of the All Blacks, extremely down to earth and easy to talk to, furthermore he is a damn good player and it is unfortunate for both him, the All Blacks and New Zealand that he can not play in the up-coming games. However, he should be back in top form in time for the World Cup.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gordon Copeland

For a pretty political no body amongst most people, Gordon Copeland has certainly managed to get himself a whole lot of attention recently.

His latest news is that he will switching his proxy vote from Labour to National for matters which are not of confidence or supply (yay)

My favourite part of the article is this:
"I want to take this opportunity also to announce that Future New Zealand, the new party which I am co-leading with former MP Larry Baldock, will not work with, or be part of, a Labour-led government following the 2008 elections," Mr Copeland said.
I mean as if Future New Zealand really have a decent chance of getting into Parliament, i think that if they branded themselves as Family First their odds may be slightly increased.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

An Odd Couple

My flatmate has just got a job working as freelance photographer for the Dominion Post. Her project (i guess that's what they are called) is to attend a function in the Grand Hall at Parliament tonight. She has never stepped foot on Parliament grounds before, despite always being a Wellingtonian, so asked me to tell her where to go, I went one better and took her down to show her.

We drove down, and whilst waiting at the lights on the corner of Bowen Street and Lambton Quay, who should coming walking towards us and crossing the lights together and continuing down Lambton Quay together, but Rodney Hide and Taito Phillip Field. Hmmm wonder whats up there a?

Oh Dear...

If any of these recent quizzes are really correct then I have been in the wrong place it would appear for quite some time, here is one saying I am a Liberal Republican, although it does point I could swing to democrat. I personally would say if I could vote in the states it would be for the Democrats - go Hillary!

You Are a Liberal Republican

When you tell people that you're Republican, they rarely believe you.
That's because you're socially liberal - likely pro-choice and pro-gay rights.
You're also not so afraid of big goverment, as long as it benefits people and not politicians.
You are the most likely of any Republican type to swing over to the Democrat side sometimes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shock horror

Chris Warner and Rachel Mckenna back in the sack again!! ....

mmm i also just did one of those political tests as well and well its looks like i am pretty left..... although i have never been one that was politically inclined

Your Political Profile:

Overall: 20% Conservative, 80% Liberal

Social Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

You Are 20% Capitalist, 80% Socialist

You see a lot of injustice in the world, and you'd like to see it fixed.
As far as you're concerned, all the wrong people have the power.
You're strongly in favor of the redistribution of wealth - and more protection for the average person.

Porn Loving Christians

Christians who view porn on the internet are being targeted by NZ churches with software that allows them to monitor and support each other during their troubles.

The reason for this action is that a recent American survey showed that 50% of Christian men and 20% of Christian women were ADDICTED to pornography. The reason for such addiction was the availability to free porn on the net.

This new software system is seen to be similar to the support AA attenders get, but a porn addicts "buddy" will see what they have been downloading and email any questionable sites that had been visited.

It also allows partners "peace of mind".

Youth Leader, Scottie Young from Christchurch's Grace Vineyard Church (?!) states that porn is harming relationships and "they you love the one you're with, and if you're constantly looking at a 20 year old nympho you soon lose connection with your real partner".

Who ate all the cake

Certain foods are to be banned from school canteens and tucks shops.

This is an attempt by the Government to takle the obesity problem in New Zealand, and is part of the Mission On project.

Whilst the theory of such a move is good, the rules mean that principals and teachers and BOTs and school councils etc etc are all going to have to spend attempting to get such rules in place and this will take away from time that is better spent trying to improve school kids learning.

As pointed out by some students and teachers, many students (high school) leave the grounds over lunchtime and can get whatever they want, in Wellington the girls high is opposite Thorndon New World and Wellington Boy's in just around the corner from McD's.

I think the schools should definitely be attempting to take unhealthy foods out of their tuck shops, but it should not be regulated.

I only had a tuck shop while at Intermediate and all is sold was an assortment of ice creams and ice blocks, chippies and Cookie Time Biscuits, we also had the option of getting a purchased lunch where you selected from a range of bakery style foods ie sausage rolls, pies, raspberry buns.

At high school we had our own food lockers (boarding school) where we could keep food, and when I started in 2000 we had a coke machine on the grounds but this was soon replaced with a milk machine where we could purchase flavoured milk or juice or water as a healthier alternative, we also had a few phases where bananas were handed out at morning tea time, all initiative taken by the school without need for legislation.


So I went to take the "which wine are you test"... I am also a Pinot Gris, when I saw "are you a capitalist or socialist" it appears whilst I am slightly more capitalist than socialist I really am rather centre.

You Are 56% Capitalist, 44% Socialist
While you are definitely sympathetic to a free economy, you also worry about the less fortunate.Wealth and business is fine, as long as those who are in need get helped out too.You tend to see both the government and corporations as potentially corrupt.

NB I do not see either corporations or goverment as corrupt, rather I see them as both being able to help people

Later addition - just found how liberal or conservative are you, overall its a split 50/50

Your Political Profile:

Overall: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Social Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Ethics: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Monday, June 11, 2007

new beginnings

so well it was my last day at Sussan so happy that i left, will miss the people there tho but definetly not the job. New directions for me then i guess, its monday and i have spent the morning looking for work but now cant be bothered, but am bored as hell because i feel like i should be busy doing sum thing....aka looking for work....
this is how bored i am.... im doing those silly little blog quizzes!

You Are Pinot Gris

More hip than most, you spot trends before they even really get started.
If something is new and unique, you know about it... and you've probably tried it.
You have a good number of projects, interests, and relationships - but they are all fleeting.
The world is so appealing and diverse, you can't help but seek variety.

Deep down you are: A true flirt

Your partying style: Exclusive. You only party with people you've personally selected.

Your company is enjoyed best with: A big bowl of pasta

You Are 82% Perfectionist

You're a total perfectionist. So go ahead and congratulate yourself on a "perfect" score.
The truth is, everyone is sick of living up to your standards. And you're probably even sick them yourself.

Augie Dies

Augie Auer died suddenly in Melbourne last night.

Best known as a weather presenter on TV3 who was an actual meteorologist rather than a pretty face namely Toni Marsh who is a reknowned weathergirl.

Kitty Cat

On Saturday I got a kitten, it was very spur of the moment.

I went to animates just to have a look because I am not allowed animals in my apartment and to also get some toys for my cat which lives in Hawkes Bay. There was a little kitten who no one wanted because she has a weepy eye so needs to have her face washed by a person each day (which she loves having done) and so I spoke to the staff and they said she was free to a good home so I adopted her.

I then rung my mother to say that she would be getting another cat and should this kitten not get on with my other cat then my Gran will get the kitten.

This meant that I stayed home on Saturday to play with the kitty and missed going to town, where I was going to have a drink with Andrew and some of my other friends ended up partying with the All Blacks - I was kinda gutted but my cute kitten who I have is so worth missing out on some AB time.

PS Andrew I owe you a drink or five!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Insignificance of Retail

Hey Miss Molley May and All,
Well Molly May invited me to this thang, so I guess I'm an official blogger now. Last day working at Sussans ever and hopefully the last day working in retail too!
I'm tired of selling my soul for a companys commercial gain. Meaningless, mindless work!
The staff there sure were nice, that said!
I know one thing for sure, I never want to work a nine till five job for longer than a year!!! Ever!
I know Miss Molly May knows what I'm talking about too! She can share in my relief that it's over!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

"Mom, Mom. It's not right"

Paris Hilton has been sent back to jail.

Paris was made to go back to court where the judge sent her straight back to jail. As she was led, handcuffed, out of the court she was crying out to her mother that it was "not right".

Friday, June 08, 2007

You're kidding, right?

Paris Hilton has been freed from jail and placed on home detention after only 3 days of serving her sentence.

How horrible to be confined to her Hollywood mansion for the next 40 days, where she can still have whoever she wants to visit and ring in pratically anything she wants.

If any other prisoner was suffering from medical conditions would they not be placed in the prison's medical unit, or hospital with guards? If it is psychological well surely it would be case of toughen up because no one really cares.

Ok, so being in solitarity confinement for drink driving is a bit extreme, but it was for her own protection and what her lawyers had asked for as they feared if she had a cell mate and had to have one hour out of the cell with other prisoners she would have been bullied and possibly abused.

I am sorry but if you do the crime, you should do the time.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fashion Advice

Seeing as Red Confec has been handing out relationship advice in the past, this is not the only advice we will dish out.

Over at Windy City Girl, there is a list (courtesy of Cleo) to help get your guy trendy, and for you lads out there buy the FQ Men on sale today, not only does it have great articles and good fashion it is also the last edition that will be published as it is going to be amalgamated into Fashion Quarterly.

Money buys you Migration

Rich migrants to NZ will not have to be able to speak a word of English as it will be there money that will do all the talking to the extent of $20 million.

Of the $20 million that these new rich investors - "global investors" - have $5 million will be required to be placed into local companies or used to start new businesses or some form of "active" investment.

The "professional investor" have to have $10 million and must place $2 million into active investment and "general investors" myst have $2.5 Million and be able to invest semi-actively.

The number of immigrants allowed in under this new system will be 1000, so around 300 applicants once family members are also brought into the picture.

This is certainly an attempt to fix up the scheme the government has been usiing where investor migrants were required to deposit money with the Government, obviously the Government realised that that was the best idea to attract foreign investor migrants.

Whilst this scheme may be good for NZ business I object to these migrants not having to have a minimum level of English speaking skills, especially if they are going to be involved in business.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Not Just a Pretty Face

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has commented on the birth control and sexual behaviour in Brazil, and believes that despite Brazil being the largest Roman Catholic country in the world women should have the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy and that opposition to condoms is ridiculous.

Gisele points out the reality of STI's and this is why it is so ridiculous to ban them, especially as the no sex before marriage is clearly outdated in today's world, a world which when the church's rules were laid out marriage was something virgins entered into.

I think that having such a high profile star support birth control and the right to choose is fantastic especially in a country where such measures are desperately needed.

Political Timeline

Clint has gone and put together a timeline for my supposed transition to the Dark Side.

I would just like to comment that at this exact moment in time I am not a member of any political party anywhere. However the way I am leaning is rather obvious one must admit.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The System just gets Sicker

National Party Health Spokesperson Tony Ryall has commented on the on-going disputes in our country's hospitals.

The Public are getting tired of never knowing if staff will be at the hospital to assist them should they fall ill, and are literally getting sick because they are told not to go to hospitals but see their local GP, who often have a large waiting time.

Minister of Health Pete Hodgson does not appear to be doing anything for the New Zealand Health System, any additional money being pumped into the system is not increasing staff wages and salaries which are much needed and deserved, waiting lists are not being decreased, but the money is being swallowed up by management and bureaucracy.

Talk to most health system employees and they are disgruntled with the system and particularly the Minister, many commenting that getting rid of Annette and bringing in Pete was a stupid mistake on Labour's part.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Quote for the Queen

While watching Good Morning today I could not help but laugh at Brendan Pongia's comment " I think I came again about twice" during the cooking segment where he and the chef had some light hearted banter with her saying "easy tiger". This after Pongia's late night shenanigans and much needed break after he got incredibly pissed after Dancing with the Stars finale.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Dangerous Drugs

Dr Jackie Blue has called for consumer awareness around purchasing drugs via the internet to be increase. Dr Blue put our her annoucement after a Blenheim man died after purchasing anti-depressant medication over the internet.

It is illegal to purchase many drugs over the net and have them sent to your home, with many being intercepted by customs, however there are still a large number that get through and even some which are not illegal per say, but are required by prescription.

The cost of some drugs is expensive and people try to find ways around this, a number of transgender people often turn to the internet to buy hormone treatments, as the cost of such drug treatments in NZ is horrendous.

The danger with purchasing drugs over the internet is that not only are you not aware of the quality of the drugs, or that they are even what you ordered, you also do not have a doctor's prescribed dosage, making overdoses a much larger risk and therefore fatalities are also increased.

As someone who has been on prescribed meds most of my life, as a child I had a paedeatric neurologist at Starship who was an American and one of the most knowledgable doctors I have ever had, she put me on the latest and greatest anti-convulsants in the world after I tried and failed many others, however for my mother this meant a cost of around $3000 a month, for the sake of her child my mother paid this and worked with Pharmac, MoH and the Epilepsy Foundation to get the cost down (which it eventually did), but one could easily see why some people would turn to the internet if it means the cost wil be less.

I personally urge anyone who knows people buying drugs over the internet to encourage them to go and talk to a doctor and get the medical advice they need and to stop the internet drugs at once.