Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In the spirit of revising election campaigns...

How did this get elected.

Good Morning Baltimore!

I am in love!

On Saturday I went to see HAIRSPRAY at the movies, with bf in tow and loved it. The colour and songs and characters all worked really well and with a nice little story line about love/being different/racial differences tied in as well.

I now have the songs stuck in my head, and on my ipod! No doubts it will come out as a musical on stage soon in NZ, as it has been around the world since its original 1988 release.

A moment of silence please.

Tears were shed last night at one of the red confectioners home...okay mine.
Coronation Street will never be the same without Fred.
But as Fred would say "Never mind, I say, never mind

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An interesting insight into the terror raids


It has been a very busy time indeed. On Monday 15th October, four houses (well one was a tent) in Wellington we're raided at dawn, and four people were arrested and charged with possession of firearms. Their residences were able to be searched under the 'terrorism suppression act 2002' but as of yet they have not been charged under the act. 13 others were arrested throughout the country, including Tame Iti who the media are having for lunch. My ex-partner, his brother and sister, and three of my friends are all in remand prison in Wellington and Auckland. It is incredibly hard to visit them; the process is frustrating to say the least. I have not visited them yet, but their partners and friends have. They are in single cells with nothing – just like on the movies.

The Wellington four had their bail hearing yesterday morning. The judge asked that the public leave but the media stayed, so we didn't get to see them for long – only a fleeting wave or two. Very heartbreaking. They did not get bail. Their name suppression continues for now which is good. Some have had their hearings in Auckland, the one I am most concern about will be heard on Monday I think and his bail is looking good.

These people have done nothing wrong. From my point of view they have been hand picked by the police because they are the main organisers for political activism in New Zealand. I do not understand why they are now in this situation. They did not and would never possess guns. I don't understand the connections with Tuhoe. I feel like I'm in a hazy cloud, it feels like the government and police have pulled wool over our eyes.

Here is what I feel is going on. It is from my heart and no where else, so please do not take it as fact.

  • New Zealand recently passed up the opportunity to sign to the UN declaration of Indigenous Rights, for which I have no words. Colonisation is now, current, ever beetling away, is all I can say to that. This has incensed many people as I think it should. Possibly there was an action relating to this being planned in the works? Who knows….

  • These activists have been bugged in this operation for 3 years (which means my converstations/emails/texts with my ex have been tracked for a long time). They are being oppressed for speaking out against the governments policies on a number of issues. It is well know that the crown and its enforcers do not like this bunch of people.

  • They are peace activists, environmentalists, tino rangatiratanga activists – not terrorists!!!!!

  • The police have no evidence of guns

  • The media knows nothing, and present this 'nothingness' as something, and even that they manage to present incorrectly. Do not believe the media. Think for yourself, think critically. Check out indymedia. Keep in mind that New Zealand is trying its hardest to look like its joining the 'war against terror'. The media is fear-mongering middle NZ and it is working. All they have to say is "Maori' 'Guns" "Terror" "Tame Iti" and show images of 128 Abel Smith Street (activist center) and there you have it – freak out.

  • The government is trying hard to pass the Terrorism suppression amendment act next week which will make it much easier to arrest people under the act. Potentially actions such as the 1981 springbok tour sit in on the Wellington motorway could be deemed as terrorism. This is 'police state' kind of action. New Zealand also wants to, or has already? Linked into the USA's terrorist list, meaning that people deemed to be terrorists by American standards cannot come here. This means for example, that anyone in the world who gets labelled as a terrorist will not be able to get refugee status in western countries. Ahmed Zaoui would not have had a chance here. If people, or a person anywhere stand up for their rights against their government for whatever reason, and their government does not like it – boom! They are a terrorist for life…..does this sound familiar. I believe this is going on in New Zealand/Aotearoa too.

Take action….tell people what you think, not what the media tells you.


This will affect us all, not just the 17 in jail right now.

Thanks for reading. Pass it on if you wish, or better still write your own rant.
Jesse Moss.
I can add to this last comment about not believing the media coverage, they know as little as we do quite frankly and I can illustrate this with two points.
  1. The Urewera raids, which this sting was based around must be placed in an historical light. Tuhoe have been fighting for their rights for a long time, these are Rua Kenana's people who around 1906 esteblished a cooperative community at the same Maungapohatu we've all seen in the news. Soon the community grew to around 1000 people, the land owned and farmed collectively with all proceeds being shared according to need.
To the Pakeha of the time all Maori were lazy, shiftless and drunken, so the return of self-repect and independence under Rua amazed and even rankled them. During WWI he was harassed by the police and in a moment of anger he said the Germans would win. This was the moment the Pakeha were waiting for. Rua and 31 others were arrested for sedition during which shots were exchanged between police and his followers. His oldest son Toko and Toko's maternal uncle Te Maipi were killed. A jury found Rua not guilty of sedition and only "morally" guilty of resisting arrest.
Sir Joseph Ward was reported as saying "I told Rua, that in New Zealand , Edward is King.....There can be no other Government or King...there can't be two suns shining in the sky at once. The picture below picture shows Rua's arrest on April 2nd 1916, after a shootout between his followers and 70 armed police. He is handcuffed to his son Whatu. Rua was sentenced to 12 months hard labour after what was the longest trial in New Zealand history at the time. To stress my point, things haven't changed much since 1916.
2. My second point refers to the 'tip off' recieved from the two hunters. This area is a popular hunting ground and there has long been contention between non-tuhoe hunters who often trespass on Tuhoe land. In fact some of the best hunting grounds are on Tuhoe land. This is important for two reasons, firstly, this is not the fist time non-Tuhoe hunters have had the finger pointed at them and falsley implicated in illegal activity. Secondly the alleged training camp, is a hunting and gathering camp for Tuhoe locals, hui are held there, families go camping there, there are guns around and theyre used for hunting.
please pass this on,
Ben Phillips

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Long gone are the days when Superheroes were cool.

Someone give Stan Lee his pills. Seriously.

Guess what Bitches this is your next Superhero. Does'nt he look fierce.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Children's Oncologist Gone

Yet another resignation at Wellington Hospital has left patient's and their families devastated at what the they will have to do to receive treatment.

The latest resignation comes from the only remaining child oncologist, meaning that all children suffering from cancer will have to travel to other hospitals in the country to receive tertiary treatment.

With currently 30 children under the Child Cancer Service at Wellington Hospital this is a huge strain to place on other hospitals, and furthermore the number of cases increases by about 11 each year. Wellington Hospital provides the service for patients in the lower North Island region as well as Wellington.

CCDHB has committed themselves to still providing the service and to finding another oncologist, however they will need to find more than one to battle the increasing work load.

Whilst Starship caters for many children around New Zealand they usually take critical cases and children from smaller urban areas that do have such specialist pediatricians in their hospitals.

Ronald McDonald House also allows a home away from home for parents, and the children themselves if they do not require constant hospitalisation but may need daily treatments.

It is horrible that officials are appearing to not be too concerned and that parent's who are alreading caring for their sick children, now have to fight to keep this much needed service.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What the?

As pointed out by Craig Foss:

Oct 11 2007 : PM Clark opens new PN electorate office for Steve Maharey.

Oct 19 2007: Steve Maharey announces intention to resign.


Ab-King Master

My current place of residence has invested in an ab0king pro, the whole 3 minutes a day, lose ten pounds in ten days machine and you will have abs of steel one day.

I need to get back in shape after being so sick and basically having had no energy for ages, so I have taken up swimming again, running, walking and have decided that using the ab king pro would be great as when I am short of time, which is often, I can just jump on this for 3 minutes.

So yesterday as I cooked dinner for the kids, and had prepared us adults dinner, I thought I would start using the machine. Now due to the shape of my back I can not have it on the hardest resistance but I had it on a good one for me. So I did my 3 minutes, and let me assure it is NOT as easy as it looks on TV. I could feel where abs should be contracting and whilst I felt like I had done a small workout I thought I could probably go for longer, so after checking on dinner I went back and did some more time on it.

This morning, whilst I did not miraculously wake up with the six pack the ads would lead you believe you can get, I am not sore (unless I cough) and can feel kinda of tighter in a weird way, so who knows maybe if I keep this up I will sculpt my way to a firmer sexier body haha.

So the ab-king pro currently gets a thumbs up from me, although it does not compare to step class which I miss greatly.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Getting choked by Cherry Garcia Ice Cream.

Once in a while I get the urge to drive down to my local video store book a few dvds and curl up on the couch with a packet of crisps and a couple of scoops of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice cream. Now I am always one for recommendations but have come partial to only receiving recommendations from a select few because of one particular reason - Movies being over rated.

If you answer yes to three or more of the following questions/statements, then it is likely that I will ignore any recommendations you make and seriously hope and pray for the rest of us that you don't take Film and Television at Auckland University in the quest to become the next Peter Jackson. Your taste in film sucks and probably only extends as far as the Blockhouse Bay Video Ezy Collection.

  1. You list more than one of the following as your favorite actors/actresses on your facebook/bebo/myspace page - Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cameron Diaz, Josh Harnett, Will Smith, Eninmemem, Angelina Jolie ( ahem sucking her way to the top), Brad Pitt - Jolie lil bitch, Ben Affleck, Leonardo Dicaprio, Zac Efron, Temeura Morrison, -the list goes on and on.
  2. You have no idea what Rialto, The Academy or Ludo cinemas is or where they are located.
  3. You drink Tui.
  4. You think that you're clued up on the whole film world because you drophatt Steven Spielberg like you're some clued up movie buff.
  5. You have never gone down the international/film festival section of the video store collection.
  6. You like romantic comedies that have Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez - actually anyone named Jennifer in them.
  7. You think you're the next Peter Jackson because your year 5 teacher gave you an A for your stupid english programme on your video project about your dog Rusty.
  8. You always go for the overhyped movies such as the Simpsons, Harry Potter, Titanic and so on
Now on to my list of the most overrated movies I have seen in the past few years - feel free to add your own. (not in any chronological order)

  1. Titanic - ( i was gutted that they all didnt die)
  2. Forest Gump
  3. Dances with Wolves
  4. Father of Bride Series
  5. War of the Worlds - (Die Dakota Fanning die die die!)
  6. The Matrix
  7. Grease
  8. The Good Shepherd
  9. Pirates of the Caribean 2
  10. The Da Vinci Code

Lulu on the move

Shudder and procrastination. Flat hunting. I've forgotten how to do it.

You see, I've been living pretty merrily for the past year with friends, getting up to all sorts of shenanigans, getting away with all sorts of things that most flats would have me out on the street with an "unbridled party animal" sign stuck firmly on my forehead.

Things like, for example, bringing a party back to the flat at 5am. And letting all sorts of characters camp on the couch. And living right in the city, with carparks. So good. And being comfortable enough with my flatmates to politely, but firmly, state "shut up," when I'm studying for exams.

Actually, I've only done the 5am thing a couple of times, which didn't count as I was already out with a flatmate. I'm not that bad. But I'm pretty bad.

So far I've been lucky with flats; I am pretty easygoing. At least I think so. My only vice is being a bad influence and being a little messy. Some would debate the use of the word "little" being in front of "messy" but standards differ. I'm a very considerate flatmate; emotionally at least.

So now I have the difficult task of finding a cool place. But how do you weed out the unsuitable ones?

Many ads say "no pets," and desire a "non smoker." This is a tell tale sign. They are fussy. I don't blame them, I used to absolutely abhor smokers... Until I became one. But for some reason, this comes across as "straight laced" to me. And well, I've found stoners to be generally cool, easygoing cats. And how do you find those in the newspaper?

I'm a little tempted to call up a flat that says their ideal flatmate would be "Japanese" or "Chinese." Just to give them a shock. I guess saying that kind of thing saves people a lot of time. And ones that say "English speaker preferred" are probably not my cup of tea either. But you should know that I'm cringingly PC by now.

Something I've also picked up in the ads are the well-written, all-details-included, perfect grammar mini essays. These could not have been written by guys, and usually signify the presence of a bossy, 21ish, alpha-female type, which I have come across before. Not a bad thing, but girls like that can be so fussy sometimes. Or maybe (shock, horror) I am an alpha female. But I don't think so.

One actually looked really good, until it said "we are three fun loving girls who are looking for a fine speciMAN." The disturbing thing is, I don't think they were trying to be dodgy. But speaking of dodgy ads, there were a couple of 40ish males sneakily advertising in the "Flatmates Wanted" when what they really meant was "Flat Wanted." To share with themselves and all their "Confirmed Bachelor" glory. That's all I have to say to about that.

Of course, when meeting potential flatmates you definitely need to put on the "weirdo filter," but that comes with common sense. And let me tell you, if I see one fucking didgeridoo I will be out of there, pronto. Unless it's being used for firewood.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this. And I've made myself out to appear remarkably fussy, which couldn't be further from the truth. I just don't want anyone to be remarkably fussy with me, thank you very much.

And I haven't even started on what kind of house I like to live in. (Backyard, window in bedroom, big lounge, maybe a couple of paintings on walls, clean -not tidy- bathroom) I wouldn't generally recommend moving in with friends, but it has worked out for me before. It helps if you've known those friends for several years though. And unfortunately for me, most of mine are still in their comfortable nests at home, or with "serious" live in boyfriends.

I'm totally over this flat hunting business. I hate looking for flats and despite my party reputation I hate moving and would prefer a fixed abode.

I might start thinking about getting my friends out of their nests.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mirror Images

In the spirit of polls, statistics and Outrageous fortune. Red Confectionery asks:

They're identical twins but the question is Who would you take home?

OR .....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Its what we do on a monday night

Ubergeeks Farrar, Heine and Kiwigirl comment on the recent Durex survey and it has the girls and guys at Red Confectionery finger and toe counting their "statistics". Lists are written and stories are shared. In true Red Confectionery manner, totals are calculated and averaged out. Average shows that Red Confectionery is listed the low mid tier of the spectrum. The spectrum showing on the far left virginal, never been kissed, Im saving myself for marriage LDS ring bearer while on the far right My 100,000 lovers New Zealand infamous sex addict Coralie.

In the world of Red Confectionery we recently learn:
  • A fellow confectioner (is that even a word) has currently finished their last Uni essay and possibly their last paper for their current degree.
  • Guys that go to the Rugby are hot. To be more precise 80% of the guys aged under 35 that go to Rugby at Eden Park with pink colored ASB stand level 5 tickets are hot.
  • Open mike night at Grand Central is becoming our Monday night pastime.
  • The month of October is terribly expensive and stressful.
  • Red Confectionery Patron God Newsboy has crossed "paths" with two fellow confectioners ( a boy and girl) at seperate times.
  • Patron God Newsboy is added to both boy and girl confectioners list.
And our urban word/phrase of the day is: Leave Britney Alone.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Political activists, beware! You are all under suspicion of terrorism. In order to make yourself appear innocent when raided, I suggest you get rid of the following paraphernalia that may be in your possession:

-Proof of communication between yourself and anyone considered 'radical.' This of course, includes Greenpeace and Save Happy Valley activists. (those militant thugs)
-Your big mouth. It's not OK to talk about anarchism.
(And obviously, weapons. Weapons are bad and if you have them then you should, probably, be arrested)

But I suspect that the raids that took place today did not uncover any weapons from groups like Save Happy Valley and Aotearoa Anarchists. And I don't think it's OK for innocent people to have their homes raided, and their address splashed across national newspapers.

It also makes me uncomfortable to see that the Terrorism Suppression Act bypasses our right to freedom of association, making it illegal to 'take part in a terrorist organisation.' Where do you draw the line? What is a terrorist organisation? It seems the finger is being pointed at radical, but reasonably harmless groups.

Don't get me wrong. I certainly don't support violent anti-government groups, or even anti-government groups for that matter. Or even political parties that aren't in government. And I would like to see the Sky Tower, that symbol of oppression, stay intact, thank you very much.

I just think that raiding all political activist groups goes a bit overboard, and is not only unecessary but entirely self defeating. I'm not so naive that I think no such violent anti-government activity goes on in New Zealand, but I think that doing things like this will make people afraid that there is more going on than there actually is.

And cause unecessary fuss. And make people suspicious of one another, and intolerant of different beliefs. And waste tax payer money.

It will be interesting to see the public's reaction to today's events.

Drowning my disapointment in the Auckland public with a glass of gin and tonic

Things that disappointed and annoyed me last week.

Hearing the news that John Banks was re elected. Seriously disappointing.

The English winning and having to avoid any English rugby fanatic. This is of course is a very easy task as the ERF can be spotted miles away - pasty white, david beckham shaved heads, dreamy british accents or those who are less unfortunate- cockney or leeds twang and always found in backpackers such as the Fat Camel.

Text messages from Sailor and Oscar Wilde. Boys are funny. You be a complete bitch to them and they attach to you like ants to a jam jar on a summers day.

The wind and rain. Bring on summer and barbeques.

The movie Holiday - the most boring movie ever.

Things that bought a smile to my face last week.

Sunday Brunch.

Knowing that Summer is near.

Birthday celebrations.

Frank Sinatra "I did it my way"

Working in my new office.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Radar alert.

Last night Lulu and I (lured by rugby shorts of course) battled through the rain and wind to the rugby. We arrived, with out pink colored tickets, huge umbrellas and our eyes on hot guy radar alert. Luckily our tickets were for the members lounge ASB stand and not the uncovered terraces.

Boy was the Hot guy radar alert on full siren that night. They were everywhere at the bar, behind the bar, sitting down in their seats, the waiters , behind us, in front of us, on our left and our right and of course on the field.

A bottle of wine later and having plenty of eye candy to digest, it was pretty much half time and well since Auckland was pretty much winning by that stage, Lulu and I decided to leave to of course create more wild debauchery but thats another story for another time.

p.s: This whole going to the rugby or cricket thing could become a regular pastime for the various reasons:
1. Hot guys
2. Free tickets to games
3. Hot guys

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The lure of rugby shorts

I'm going to the rugby tonight - for one reason and one reason only.

To perve at the boys, of course! Wouldn't have a CLUE who's playing.

xx L

Friday, October 12, 2007

Its not how we're drinking

Click on Picture!

A Weekend of Birthdays

Last weekend both Pamziewamzie and I turned 21. Pamzie turned 21 on the 6th and I on the 7th.

Whilst I was unable to make the celebrations in Auckland I understand that it was great night, and with the theme of Breast Cancer Awareness pink balloons were everywhere, alot of alcohol was consumed and alot of fun had by all.

I had my party a couple of weekends ago at the Southern Cross Bar in Wellington. It was small gathering of about 30 people with an interesting mix of family, family friend, old flatmates and friends. About midnight my friends and I continued the night in town.

Sad that neither Pamzie or I could make each others birthdays but rest assured that we certainly had a drink for each other.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It Still Hurts

A number of jokes are out about the All Blacks loss against France, and hence departure from the World Cup.

Here are some I have received, please feel free to add more in comments.

Police found a man had hung himself wearing an All Blacks jersey, the police took it off and dressed the man in womans underwear, so his family would not be embarrassed.

What’s the difference between the All Blacks and an arsonist? An arsonist woouldn’t waste five matches.

What do you call 15 guys sitting around the T.V watching the Rugby World Cup final? The All Blacks

Hear the All black’s are replacing the silver fern on there jersey’s with a red tampon as it’s the worst fucken period they’ve ever had.

John Kirwan has been selected as the next All Black coach as he knows how to deal with depression. (bad taste I know)

What’s the difference between Graham Henry and Viagra?
At least Viagra gives you a semi.

Graham Henry gets handed a mobile phone and is told “this is Wayne Barnes’s phone”, Henry says “how did you know”, the reply is “it had 15 missed calls”

What's the difference between a tea-bag and the All Blacks?
A Tea Bag stays in the cup longer

Heard about the All Blacks new bra? All support but no cup

Friday, October 05, 2007

All the small things

There's something about the weather getting sunnier that makes me a bit sentimental. (No, I didn't rescue a penguin)

The other day I was driving up a hill to uni, when my car ran out of gas. Luckily, I was metres away from a petrol station, so drove in. Well, chugged in is a better word for it. But to my dismay, I had forgotten my wallet.

...Actually I lie, I was out of money; day before pay day etc etc.

This guy came up to me and offered to help push my car, which he thought had broken down. Feeling utterly irresponsible, I confessed that I had just run out of gas and was getting a friend to bring me some cash.

I sat in the car, literally about to explode with stress (it's assignment season) when there was a knock at the window. The guy who spoke to me before put some money into my hand. What a darling.

It's not the money or the generousity, it's the gesture. It really made my week. We complain so much about how fucked up the world is, but it really only takes a small thing to fill your heart with warm fuzzies.

I guess it has a lot to do with how we choose to perceive the world; I mean, I could have felt patronised for being classified like some kind of homeless person (although I'm not far off, being a student), but I didn't.

On Wednesday I was looking after some kids, so I took them ice skating. I was speeding along the ice (I love skating) when this six year old suddenly appeared in front of me. We tried to dodge but I ended up bowling into her, so I scooped her up and literally carried her for the next few metres so she didn't fall over. Her friend came rushing up to me,

"Are you OK?" She asked.

What an absurd question, a 6 year old worried about a 20 year old that had almost bowled over her friend. So sweet.

They wanted to compete in the race that takes place every ice skating session, so I sorted it out for them, being tall enough to talk to the people at the booth. I thought, that really is something, being young enough to not care whether you win or lose; which they would, having legs the length of my arm.

And I was in a lecture the other day, the lecturer started talking about how people run for political office. He told us about this man he ran into at the supermarket, who confessed to running as an independent every election... despite losing every election. He made me think, there's also something courageous in that, maybe I should acknowledge that kind of personal strength next time I bag an MP.

The world is full of these things. Birds building their nests, one piece of straw at a time. Caterpillars morphing into butterflies, taking hours to struggle from their chrysallis until they fly off. Babies struggling to get up off the ground for their first crawl (I've seen this, it's amazing).

And I don't know why I wanted to write this. Except to say that I am, for no particular reason, very happy right now, and very grateful.

We should try and take the time to notice these things.

xx L

So much for responsible journalism

Truth Newspaper has named the Police Office that shot Stephen Bellingham dead last week in Christchurch.

I think that this absolutely disgusting, and a cheap attempt to boost the publications circulation.

The incident is being looked into currently and very few people know what happened in this incident. Their are reports that the officer was threatened by Bellingham with a hammer and acted in self defence, and if it is found otherwise it will dealt with appropriately.

To have named the officer is unacceptable and irresponsible, as it does not only affect the named officer but also their entire family and friends. My heart goes out to the officer and their family at this time, especially as the officer was doing their job, and ensuring that no one including themself was hurt by Bellingham.

I believe that this case is certainly a reason as to why tasers should be given to the Police, as in a scenario like this it would have been the option to use, however I am not completely against guns, as I feel that if you are confronted by a gunman who has open fire against the Police possibly while also having killed people then a gun is more appropriate.

NB The link does not lead to an article naming the officer

Thursday, October 04, 2007

What Have I Done?

My little sister has over the recent years become more and more interested in politics, something which I certainly never expected. She has always been right wing, and I was convinced a staunch National Party supporter. Well now she has gone further right and even announced it on bebo:

In just over 3 months I will legally be able to drink and vote.

So come election time next year I will be casting my vote.

Who to vote for many of you may ask?

Well for that is not a very hard decision...

I am not maori so that rules out the Maori Party
I am against hypocricy so that rules out Labour
I am not a big fan of John Key so that rules out National
I am not into Green party policies so that eliminates the Greens
United Future and Destiny= not me

So that only leaves one real choice,

The party that strives for excellence, the party that has the best policies, the party that will strive to deliver a free market.

The only party totally worthy of my vote

The party is ACT!!!

I am intrigued to see how well she will rally support for them next year as she studies as Massey in Palmerston North, although considering she is doing a Bachelor of Applied Economics there will probably be people who will join her in supporting ACT.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Breast Cancer

Please support this awesome cause!