Monday, April 30, 2007

Tertiary to get more funding

YAY, Tertiary Institutes are to get more funding in the up coming budget.

The upcoming budget will include a large boost in spending to support the Government's reforms of the tertiary sector, Tertiary Education Minister Michael Cullen said today.

Dr Cullen announced there would be an extra $36.8 million spent on operating spending over four years and $90 million on capital funding over two years.
Part of the money would be new funding and some would come from savings anticipated from changes to how universities and polytechnics were funded.

Dr Cullen's spokesman said the breakdown of how the increase would be funded would be included in the budget, due to be released on May 17.

The spending would go toward:
$21 million of operating funding and $55m of capital funding over the next two years for Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) to fund initiatives to develop new areas such as distance learning and greater collaboration. It will also allow ITPs to find ways to encourage students to go on to higher qualifications;

$15.8m of operating funding over four years to help Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) identify training needs and respond to them;

$35m of capital funding over the next two years for the Quality Reinvestment Programme. This fund supports ITPs and wananga to change the way they operate in order to meet the needs of students, employers and communities.

The Government has been introducing reforms of the way tertiary education is funded.
Dr Cullen wants to move away from payments based on the number of students attending courses, to more funding for education seen to meet the needs of employers and the Government.

"This shift in focus is important if our tertiary education system is going to offer taxpayers greater value for money," Dr Cullen said.

The Weekend

It seems our blog has had been recollecting our partying habits, so I must stick with form and tell of my Saturday night. Photos will follow once my flatmate gets them to me.

It began about 7:30 at home, we were all dressed up and turned our music up. Shania, Spice Girls, Steps and Aqua were fantastic to dance to and their is a series photos showing how to line dance, the dance moves of Kylie Minogue, and the actions to "stop".

As the night progressed and the wine bottle emptied, and we devoured vodka bottles, we continued to dance and then split off briefly.

Two flattie went to another party, 1 flattie and his partner went to another party, flatties sister and flatmate went to kumara and I headed with my little silver cue jumping card to the Establishment. I met up with the two wonderful NZUSA Co-Presidents, the President of Mawsa and OPSA. As we danced away the mawsa and opsa presidents left, but we were joined by the lovable Geoff "da Maori" from VUWSA, my flatties arrived, Fiona from Labour and her friends, randoms and Jon from Salient.

We were quite a large group, but it was so much fun to dance and forget about all the worries that have been going on in ones life currently. We peeled off and people went home and to different bars, I ended up at Mirror Bar with some of the guys and girls before heading home myself.

Yesterday was spent finishing my essay and doing up a research proposal for another course, and then tonight will be spent preparing for my in class test tomorrow answering: Is is the nature of men to pratice polygamy and women to practice monogomy? or something to that description.

This coming weekend will be spent in Akl, so hopefully some pictures of Molly May, Pamziewamzie and myself will end up on here next week, and no doubt it will be included in a tale of michief and parties.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Some more advice for the boys...

After Lulu's post Guide for Guys, I have also decided to add some advice for guys I came across:

R18 Things She Hates

You think you have the moves? Well, hotshot, we'll bet at least half the things you're doing in the bedroom really do drive her crazy-and not in a good way. We sent the MF Sex Squad to the streets of New York to poll 1,000 women. Their mission: to find out the ladies' biggest pet peeves under the sheets. Here are the top 10 responses.

1 You only perform fast, jackhammer-type sex. Why: "It feels more like you are trying to puncture a lung than give me an orgasm," says Liz, 21. "That just makes me numb-varying your rhythm keeps it interesting."

2 You stick your tongue inside her ear. Why: "It's like getting hit on the side of the head with a big wave," says Ashley, 19. "Or a large, wet jellyfish."

3 You think just inserting your fingers into her vagina is enough to get her off. Why: Penetration alone won't do. "You can't just go in and feel your way around," says Jen, 27. "You've got to have a plan of action."

4 You vigorously tweak her nipples. Why: Pinching with varying degrees of pressure depending on her cues? Good. Sadistic, 180-degree turns? Not so much. "You think it feels good?" challenges Deanna, 29. "Let me do it to you and see how you feel about it."

5 You lick her belly button. Why: "It stays wet in there a long time and ends up feeling sticky," says Julie, 23. You want to use your tongue? Head south.

6 You talk dirty to her-in a derogatory way. Why: Some girls get off on it-but not all. "Being called a dirty whore doesn't turn me on," says Katie, 32. "It just pisses me off."

7 You hit any part of her body with your erect penis. Why: "It just makes me want to slap it back," says Trina, 20.

8 You switch it up too much during oral sex. Why: "Variety is good," says Eva, 30. "But once you've hit the spot and I'm enjoying myself, stay with it. I don't want you to move on to something new."

9 You excitedly suggest she try something you've seen in a porn film-because, after all, the girl was having so much fun. Why: "She gets paid to do that," says April, 24. "We don't."

10 You put your hand on the back of her head when she's giving you oral sex. Why: "That is way too controlling," says Karen, 26. "And it makes it seem like we're only there to please you and do your bidding."

I do not necessarily agree with these, but they are on the whole not too bad in advice for you gentlemen out there.

Best rule of thumb is, ask her what she likes and get her to show you, generally girls like this. As much as we love our guy to take control in the bedroom, we like being able to get it how we like it and even tease you a bit

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I did not manage to make any ANZAC service today, but I did watch some of the history coverage and then the National Wreath Laying ceremony on TVOne.

As a history student to see all the different footage was neat, and I also think it is fantastic that ANZAC is still held in such high regard by New Zealanders. I think it is important to honour veterans for what they did, but also the effects war has had on their families, the country and the world.

The Governor General gave a good speech, and I particularly liked his "hello's" where not only did he uses all language associated to NZ ie Niuean, Cook Island Maori but he also used NZ Sign Language.

The Australian representative laid their wreath with Trevor Mallard, as he was representing the Government, followed by John Key, then Kerry Prendergast(ly).

The absence of Helen was noted, and I have had people ring and text me asking what she was doing today and how come she did not attend the National Ceremony, especially as Mr Key did.

So as I now continue to write my essay on Aboriginal Genocide, I will be remebering those who served in the Wars and truly hope that we will never see such World War again, and no doubt we will all be thinking of the war that is currently existing in our world and of our troops who are in such countries.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stirling in Red?

Yes? no? joining the labour party ... what are your thoughts? could the party do with genetic royalty?


Monday, April 23, 2007

As requested by Pamziewamzie

First Best Friend: Lottie, next door neighbour
First Screen Name: Molly may
First Pet: Scooby a Australian white haired terrier.
First Piercing: Ears.
First Crush: Paul Year 2
First CD Bought: never bought a cd
First Car: a beetle
First True Love: meh i guess Steve
First Stuffed Animal: Nell stuffed tutle
First Words: No probably'
First Game System: Sonic

Last Alcoholic: Merlot, Beer and Barcadie.
Last Movie Seen: Magadalene Sisters
Last CD Played: Goldfrapp
Last Bubble Bath: cant remember
Last Time You Cried: a month ago bc i was stressed
Last Time You Laughed: yesterday,
Last Time You Fell: sometime earlier this year...drunken moment
Last Meal: Vegaterian curry
Last Party: last wknd, in welly

Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: No but ppl ive dated have become some of my bestest and closest friends
Have You Ever Been Arrested: not saying anything on this one
Have You Ever Been Skinny Dipping: yep
Have You Ever Been On TV: yep...
Have You Ever Regretted A Kiss: no
Have You Ever Been Drunk: Yes
Have You Ever Slept For 24 Hours Straight: oh god no
Have You Ever Worn the Same Pants for 3 Weeks Straight: hell no

1. shoes
2. jeans
3. Black t shirt
4. Grey Singlet
5. Sunnies
6. Underwear of course
7. earrings

1. got woken up by my boy
2. ate toast.
3. went back to sleep when i got home.
4. dropped by a hotel for a job
5. ate choccie.
6. watched will and grace.

1. Friends
2. Laugther
3. sex
4. Travelling
5. Dancing...

1. Kate
2. James
3. Becks

1. Radio or CD:Ipod!
2. German chocolate cheese cake or Vanilla bean cheese cake: Vanilla
3. Black or White: Black

1. Travel
2. Live life?

1. i dont even think of things that i may regret...whats the point?

Young Labour Conference

I have had a number of requests from people to post my take on the Young Labour Conference and what has resulted from it. This is my nice version of events.

I think it was great to see such a large number of people turn up for the event and that this year there were strong contingents from Christchurch and Dunedin as well as the usual Aucklanders and Wellingtonians. A great amount of discussion went on and generally people all seemed to have fairly similar ideas about where they want YL to be heading.

There were some contested positions (not often common at YL conference), including President, which resulted in a particularly nasty campaign by some of Megs supporters. Suprisingly the ones who got particularly nasty against Anna were people from her own branch, including a particular person pulling people individually aside and telling them she was a nasty person with a drinking problem. As far as I am concerned political attacks are fine but personal is unnecessary, especially when untrue.

On the Saturday night we went to dinner, however some people were kicked out as they had not RSVP'd, this I found interesting because if everyone had RSVP'd there would have been enough seating, yet after this contingent were kicked out (basically anyone who was close to Alex) there was still a significant shortage of seating - obviously a great start to the inclusiveness that Young Labour want to promote.

Despite it being a productive weekend and I think good on the whole for Young Labour, I will not be involved in Young Labour any longer as I personally feel that there is a certain clique who will not let go of their power and everyone else is just their puppets, I refuse to be a puppet and a hypocrite. It is also for these reasons I am currently trying to remain unactive within the party whilst I consider if the Labour Party is where I want to belong.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Welly Girl's facts

As requested by the beautiful pamziewamzie here is my list of information about me, and I thank her for helping me procrastinate even more.

First Best Friend: PJ, my next door neighbour
First Screen Name: windycitygirl (shared with my friend before I became my own person as welly_girl)
First Pet: A blue heeler named Charlotte
First Piercing: Ears. They are my only piercing
First Crush: A guy named Matthew
First CD Bought: Peter Andre
First Car: Yellow Toyota Starlet, called Spongebob
First True Love: Carl
First Stuffed Animal: Pink Ted, I still have him with me today
First Words: Dada, I was a Daddy's girl
First Game System: Ladybird

Last Alcoholic: Riesling
Last Movie Seen: The Klumps
Last CD Played: Lipgloss, Queens of 80s Pop
Last Bubble Bath: Whenever I was last in Hawkes Bay :(
Last Time You Cried: Flying back to Welly on Wednesday
Last Time You Laughed: A few minutes ago?
Last Time You Fell: At work on Friday, i tripped ok
Last Meal: Cheese and Ham Toastie at Mr Bun on Cuba Street
Last Party: Last Saturday, I wanted to "boing" peoples' hair.

Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: He was my best friend once we started going out so I am going with no
Have You Ever Been Arrested: Yes, but not charged
Have You Ever Been Skinny Dipping: Hmmm....
Have You Ever Been On TV: A couple of times, once as a giant pea and also protesting a few times
Have You Ever Regretted A Kiss: Yes
Have You Ever Been Drunk: Yes
Have You Ever Slept For 24 Hours Straight: Yes, but being in ICU does that to people
Have You Ever Worn the Same Pants for 3 Weeks Straight: No, that is just gross

1. Elmo Slippers
2. My limited edition Telecom T-Shirt
3. Black 3/4 Pants
4. Necklace Alex gave me
5. My Dad's Wedding Ring
6. Headband
7. Underwear, obviously

1. Woke up, thinking it was a hell of a lot earlier than 9:30
2. Had peanut butter on toast
3. Watched Desting Church TV - yes I listened to Brian Tamaki
4. Went out to lunch with my friend
5. Visited my flatmate at work
6. Did some essay (which I should still be doing now)

1. Laughing
2. Hanging out with friends
3. The Establishment (the bar in Wellington)
4. My cat
5. Step Class

1. Geoff
2. My Cat
3. Loren
4. The Priest in the confessional box

1. Radio or CD: Radio
2. German chocolate cheese cake or Vanilla bean cheese cake: Vanilla
3. Black or White: White

1. Finish university!
2. Get married and have babies

NB This is not all I want to do, but they were first ones that come to mind.

1. I don't really regret anything, any mistakes or hiccups along the way have taught me things. Whats the point in regretting something which has already happened. As Bishop Tamaki said your future is now, no point depending on the past.

I hope that gives you some more insight into me. Any other questions please post and I will answer if appropriate ;)


Limbo. Yes limbo, I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about... 'Just friends' oh yes people we've heard it possibly even said it a common term we use to run from inevitable commitment. I have to say being in limbo for me isn't all that bad consider this... you still see each other nearly everyday still talk, laugh even play together, but you just aren't together. Your hearing me aren't you, but this concept can wear very thin you see as you're constantly battling with yourself over whether he/she is really that into you I mean come on, they look at you the same, find ways to touch you and please, do not get me started on the "play fight" that will always I repeat always end in a kiss.

This awkward place we find me and you is definately a maschicistic outcome we've thrown ourselves into, you remember the break up - your strong self wanted to ring the neck of the 'breaker' and proclaim never wanting to see them again!!! Yet for some reason you withold this fleeting thought to believe that one day they will realise what fools they've been..... THEY WILL NOT no matter how true it is. Do you really want to be with someone that's half into you ? Please be answering no to this question albeit rhetorical. Now this is where it gets juicy you see there really is a valid reason for Limbo among the stronger of us, Limbo means you still get to see them (which you don't really care about because your sooooo over it) potentially even bed them, now you understand the scenario, the power is in your hands! Of course this isn't for everyone and forced Limbo should definately come after the initially destroying break up settles.

Do not fall back in love/lust keep your distance, no double txts, and always remind yourself just enough so that the wound stings that they broke it off with you.

xx- Stirling

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A selfish post to attract sympathy

I have the flu. Hence the reason why I'm stuck at home on a Saturday night, contemplating going to a party. Though I'm not sure I'm up to getting behind the wheel; I could barely rouse up the energy to get out of bed today. So if I did go to this party I would probably sit, bleary eyed in a corner while my friends screamed and danced and were their usual hypo selves. And I would just look like an antisocial drug addict. Which I'm not, by the way. Saturday nights at home are still depressing in comparison however.

My sickness makes me think - who looks after the lonely ill? I don't know what I would do if flatmates (ones I'm very fond of) friends, boyfriends or family weren't around. Some people don't have them. You see, I'm very lazy when I'm sick, and need round the clock service. If I had no friends my health would be in jeopardy.

I'm also thinking about how fun it's going to be with all these new co bloggers... Mwah haha. Can't wait.

Anyway, just thought you should know how sick I am. Think of me when you sip your chardonnay tonight.

xx L

So how about it the first male to join Red Confectionery! .... I have to say i am feeling very privileged to join such a beautifully blunt and enlightening blog, i hope to set alight and dowse many an urban legend.


Because im worth it...

Today i was thinking what guy would be a great spokesperson for all those Loreal Ads and who else is better than Ryan Smith . Great Hair and he plays for the Edmonton Oiler....blimin fantastic!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

The US Elections - Go Hillary Go!

I am currently in my fresher class at School and one of my courses in Politics.

My Teacher thinks that Rudi Guiliani is going to win next year but of course I know it is going to be Hillary. I would like Obama to be her running mate and then he can take over as President in 2016.

What does everyone else think?

Go Hillary, Go!

I'm in, and I am in to win - Hillary Clinton 2007

Hillary's Love Child joins Red Confectionery

Hey y'all,

Thanks for letting me join Red Confectionery. I am from Rock Springs, Wyoming and met Pamziewamzie at the International Young Left conference in Spain a few months back and we have kept in touch ever since.

I am going to blog on the US elections and world issues and we are all campaigning here for Hillary. It is time we had a Woman President.

More Later

Vote for Hillary in 2008.

Key to The Rescue

Last night I attended the unveiling of Key's puppet at The Backbencher Pub. It is interesting that this photo omits the other National Party member who gets portrayed as the joker - Brash of course.

The bright colours used for this recent puppet display is possibly a sign that the Backbencher think that National are the leading light but thats probably thinking too far into it. But the colour certainly does distinguish this recent addition from the others.

Of question by many was the positioning of English's (or should I say Robin's) hand over his crotch.

I met some Nats and even Mr Key himself(lovely man), of course Mr Farrar and Mr National Bank were the best people to be able to talk to at an event where I was probably the only person who voted Labour in 2005. But who knows it may be a blue tick from me in '08.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

hello there molly may is here!!

thanks to pamziewamzie and welly girl, i have been given the privilege to blog with them...... today i found this article rather amusing....which im sure some of you will understand...(alex an academic??..hah ha(..... until next time. Ciao

Molly May

Pamziewamzie and Welly_Girl's delightful friend has also entered the blogging world.
Check her out at molly may

YL Conference was an interesting experience, more to follow at a later date


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some more on Section 59

Linley Boniface wrote a good column on Section 59 in the DomPost yesterday.

She presents a good perspective on it AND from a parents stance.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Guide for Guys

I have been meaning to give guys some hints for achieving success in the area of lurve for some time now. I have a lot of female friends that come from a wide cross section of society, so you can expect this to be "well researched."

On first meetings:

1. Compliment, compliment, compliment. Girls are unbridled narcissists. We love it when you notice our new haircut or pretty dress. There are of course, some things you shouldn't compliment. Eg. "Nice cleavage" - unless she is a dirty sleaze just like you, and enjoys that kind of thing. Another no no is "Nice foundation." Because what straight guy would be able to notice things like that?

2. Be interested. The more interested you are, the more interesting you will seem. Listen and try not to talk about yourself too much. Smile, nod and say things like, "Wow, that sounds really cool."

3. If appropriate, open doors and offer seats. I know, it's traditional as fuck, but we love a gentleman.

4. Watch how you smell. Be very careful. Some of the nicest guys will have no success with girls if the first thing she notices about you is a whiff of B.O. Hint: Smelling nice has the opposite effect, so load up on the expensive cologne. (notice how I do not mention Lynx) Nice colognes include John Paul Gaultier, Armani, and Calvin Klein 'One.' Smelling like soap is also manly, but for guys that usually only lasts an hour before they get smelly again. I CANNOT STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS POINT.

5. If you want to see a girl again, casually invite her out for a drink/party/hangout time during lunchbreak, with other people. This will make her feel more comfortable around you, giving you both time to decide if you want to progress to a one on one date.

On First Dates:

1. When you ask a girl out, BE A FUCKING MAN. Come on, you've done it for centuries, why stop now? Don't say, "Will you go out with me?" Turn it into a command and say "Come out with me to the movies this weekend." I mean, what have you got to lose? If she says no, then at least you'll know for sure - that it wasn't your hot friend she was really trying to get under.

2. When trying to decide on something to do for your first date, don't leave it all up to her. For one, you will probably end up seeing some lame chic flick that you'd rather buy for your mum. Take the lead; you were the one that asked her out. Dinner and drinks is ideal, if not a little serious. Ice cream on the beach is also nice. Things like absailing, adventure sports and getting pedicures together are not on. Originality is not a plus at this stage in a relationship; it will just freak her out.

3. Offer to pay for things. If she really likes you, she will split the bill anyway. I think this is justified, as guys usually earn more than us...

4. Don't try to sleep with her on the first date. You will have plenty of time to try this on later, and it can be awkward waking up with someone you don't know that well. Generally a relationship will fizz out if it climaxes too early. Unless of course, she comes on to you first and is OK with some early sexytime.

5. Text her the next day and say, "Hey I had a great time with you last night. Let's do it again sometime."

The Relationship

1. A girl's friends are important. It is vital that you get their approval, because if they don't like you, she will go off you too. Try to treat them like your own friends. When they're really drunk and need to spew, escort them to the boys toilets when the ladies has a huge line and wait outside their door. Offer to buy them drinks. Invite them to your (single) friend's parties. - This could benefit you, too.

But whatever you do, DON'T flirt with your girlfriend's mates. It will seriously fuck them off and believe me, she will find out. And as a general hint on human decency, don't date her friends when the relationship ends.

2. Don't cling. You don't have to spend every waking moment together. Make time to hang out with your own mates, or go away for that rugby (hint, rugby players are HOT) tournament every now and again. Girls are just like guys in a way. They like a challenge and if they know they have a guy wrapped around their little finger, their eyes will start to wander.

3. Take her out on the town with you. Don't become one of those couples that can't party. This will make you a seriously cool boyfriend.

4. Once again, listen to your girlfriend. Like you, she needs someone to vent to occassionally.

5. Be friends. That magic spark will usually fade (hopefully later rather than sooner) but friendship will give you long term success.

And finally, Bedroom Antics (with restrained use of graphics)

1. Missionary is underrated. Cunninglingus is overrated. Not all girls like it. In fact, some pass the time by staring at the wall and thinking about the washing. Some of us are even smart enough to know that the only reason you do it is for a little Indiana Jones exploring - you don't have one of your own so try to pass this "exploring" for an altruistic act. Make sure your partner is a cunninglingus fan before you venture below every night. (Hint: use your fingers if she isn't)

2. Again, listen to your girlfriend. Listen for noises of pleasure. (eg. Yes, Ooh, Aah) If she is brave enough to tell you what she wants in bed, don't EVER disobey her, because she will only ask you once, being the modest lady that she is. If you do ignore her requests, she will probably dump your ass.

3. Be the alpha male and dominate the bedroom scene. Sometimes, you just need to pin her down and do her. (I think I just spotted my feminist values flying out the window) We like a bit of manliness, it makes us feel protected and safe. Confidence is the biggest turn on.

4. Ask her to be honest with you when it comes to the Big O. Good things take time. For your own welfare, you need to be able to tell the difference between a bona fide and a fake if you are to have any future success with the ladies.

5. This is the most important thing guys need to get in their heads. It has the possibility to save marriages. It will make you an urban legend in girly circles. Find out where the G spot is. Most women have two. Each woman needs it stimulated in a slightly different way. Christ, download an anatomy picture off the net and study, study, study. Some guys have the view that stimulation of that whole 'area' guarantees satisfaction. It does not. You can't just land your plane anywhere.

It's not that bloody difficult.

Good luck.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Go Me

I have complete right tp brag this week:

In Virtual Super 14 I got 48/48.

This is my best score EVER