Thursday, January 25, 2007

Following the crowd...

And because everyone else has done it I too have taken the Australian Political Test.

Here are my results:
Greens: 53.5%
Australian Democrats: 66.4%
Labor Party: 73.9%
Family First: 66.2%
Liberal Party: 56.2%
National Party: 49%
One Nation Party: 75.2%

I am suprised by the ONP being my top scoring area, however the Australian Labor Party are are only a few percent behind.

It does appear that I am about as Centre as one could possibly get, althought my social and traditional views do spread to the left rather than the right.

So if one combines these results, with my 8 tribes results, I am kinda confused as to where exactly I stand in the political spectrum.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

He's like the Energizer Bunny...

Graeme Burton does not seem to give up no matter what... last night whilst being transferred from hospital to prison he attacked a guard who was in the back with him, thus he was re-admitted into the Emeregency Department and had his wounds checked.

This prompted extreme security measures with a combination of armed offenders squad members, detectives and dog handlers surrounding all hospital entrances, with the fear being Burton may have someone on the outside trying to help him escape... AGAIN!!!

I am not a fan of the prison system, and am for prisoners being counselled and hopefully changing their ways... unfortunately I think Burton is a lost cause and his new sentence should be a life sentence with a long LONG time before he is allowed up for parole again... maybe it could be a new record. I would like it that he will either be an extremely old man or dead before he is eligible.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Just another silly titter

FUCK. Excuse the vulgar language, because I'm such a lay - dee...

But isn't it funny how anonymous comments pop up when the option is there? They're like gangrene... never go away until you cut your arm off.

The point of this post however is to express my joyous happiness to the world.

One of my friends is dating a guy that runs a talent agency. When he met me he said, "Hey, you're really pretty. Here's my card, you would be great for extras work." I'm sure they say that to everyone (and of course I don't want to do extra work), but it was nice.

Also found out that a long standing crush of mine said some *pleasing* words about me.

Well that will curb my bisexual tendencies, won't it??!!

Also decided that this ad is funny, so have included it here. But then this blog has lower standards than airports...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blog Drinks in Wellington

Last night I headed along to the blog drinks at Hope Brothers in Wellington, it was a good night. Had some good conversations and met some good people, and as it turned out one guy and I have had very close encounters for many years and yet never met...

The drinks wrapped up at the end of the Cricket (haha BlackCaps you were beaten but that is no suprise really - althought yes it was close) and then I, Farrar, Chris B and Michael E went and had a chinese dinner. I certainly heard some good stories and for right wing guys they are pretty good, although I am a right leftie so I am more accommodating of right views.

Auckland sounded good from what I have read, Pam did you go?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My "scientific" tribe

Tony has a link on his blog relating to the 8 tribes as discussed in my last post.

So I took the test and it turns out that I am indeed North Shore and Remuera, with a low percentage of Raglan and Otara but no Grey Lynn, Papaptoetoe, Cuba Street or Balclutha, which I found suprising.

I wonder what this really means about me?

Monday, January 15, 2007

What tribe are you?

I really enjoyed reading in the weekend edition of the Dompost about "which tribe are you?"

Two PR experts have written a book re-classing stereotypes that exist in New Zealand, it is quite interesting reading. But I do not know how much better they are than typical stereotypes that already exist, one could argue all these PR people have done is rename them.

Interesting to see some well known New Zealanders classed under each catergory:
North Shore - John Key
Grey Lynn - Helen Clark
Raglan - Josh Kronfield
Remuera - Sir Douglas Arthur Montrose Graham
Balclutha - Winston Peters
Cuba Street - Flight of the Conchords
Otara - David Tua
Papatoetoe - Jerry Brownless (originally at least)

According to the article I would classically fit into the Remuera Tribe, being from Havelock North and attending a private school, however I do not come from money, let alone old money which may mean I do not get classified into this.

Should I wish to classify myself I would probably say I am of the North Shore Tribe as I am ambitious and hard working, like to keep up my appearances and ultimately would like to have a house in a desirable street in New Zealand with the car and job to suit, but do still contains elements of the Remurea Tribe ie that manners are important and I am a proud ex-private school girl and as my home town in listed as a Remuera Tribe area, as well as other suburbs and towns I would like to live in, I guess that is my stereotype foundation.

I guess my Labour loving ways definitely add a mix to my "tribe" though.

Monday, January 08, 2007

In a Boy's Shoes

I had an interesting experience over the weekend that I thought was worth writing about. Beware, I believe writing of this type has not been seen before on Red Confectionery...!

I was out with two guy friends of mine who happen to be gay. We had a few drinks at home and then proceeded to go to a local bar that is, shall we say, frequented by a more colourful crowd. Very fun, very loud and very interesting. Especially this night. I am not a Bisexual or a Lesbian, but then I don't go to bars to get laid either.

As it turned out, my two guy friends decided they quite liked the look of each other so I was left relatively alone. No worry, I had run into a few old friends anyway - always a surprise when you see people from high school in a gay bar - and decided to make friends with the people sitting next to us.

I saw this girl with a nice red top on, and complimented her on it.

Tip #1 in making friends with girls: Compliment on clothes and appearance, even if you don't want to shag them.

Actually, the top was OK but it's always a good conversation starter. Then I realised, Shit. I'm in a gay bar. You don't make friends here, you make 'friends.' And THEN I realised, Hey. This could go somewhere...

Girl in the red top happened to be very nice looking, and by chance we had a few things in common. Like me, she was a science student studying away from home. We chatted about this and that... I won't bore you with the details. But she did ask me - God bless homosexuals for being straight up - whether or not I was a Lesbian. I lied, and said I was Bi. I wanted to try this out.

I decided to be the man of the situation and bought her a drink. Midori and Lemonade, of course.

Tip #2 in making friends with girls: If they don't specify what drink to buy, get them something sweet and girly like a Midori and Lemonade, Mallibu and Pineapple or Vodka Lemon and Lime.

One drink led to another - my guy friends were delighted with this and encouraged my bi-curiousity by buying us more drinks. We ended up outside the ladies together. I didn't know whether or not to go in with her, which is what I usually do with my chic friends.

Tip #3 in making friends with girls: DON'T go to the bathroom together.

She looked up into my eyes - I was taller, definitely the alpha female - and kissed me.

Let me describe what it is like to kiss another female. They have a softer tongue, and are much more gentle in their approach to 'caressing' and making out. It lasted a while. I told her she was really pretty (which she was) and she said I was an amazing kisser. I even kissed her neck and shoulders, because chances are if she was anything like me she would like that. And boy, did she ever.

Tip #1 in making out with girls: Don't be a boring goldfish; use your mouth for other parts of the body. (Before you start grabbing them that is)

Needless to say, it was undoubtedly fun kissing another girl, but nowhere as fun as kissing a guy. In which case I would have gotten turned on. As you do when you kiss someone you fancy. In other words, I didn't 'feel' anything while it was happening.

Such a shame, being with girls would be so much easier...

During this makeout session one of my friends, Matt (or Karma, as he was in drag), not the most discreet person in the world, exclaimed: "LULU!! Since when did you become a rug muncher?!!" Oh dear. I told him, quite justifiably I thought, to shut up. He warned me not to mess with her, as she was a really nice person.

Geez. Now I know how guys feel when they hook up with girls.

At the end of the night there was the question of whether or not we would go home together. To be honest, the thought terrified me. But we exchanged numbers and said our goodbyes.

Now I am in a bit of a pickle. She is texting me, saying she had an amazing time with me that night. If I tell her the truth, she will be upset; if I don't do anything - a typical guy response - she will think I am not into her, and be upset. For now her texts remain unreplied to.

I could say that I don't think it should be taken any further as we both live in different cities. But seriously, I am not good at making up stories.

What on earth should I do??!!

P.S. I wouldn't write the experience off - every straight girl should try this. Without hurting the other girl's feelings, that is.

A New Year...

Am back posting and at work as of today, after having a nice relaxing holiday, bar the four days where my young cousins thought 5am was a reasonable hour to wake up and that therefore meant me as well.

I see that David Farrar also tagged me for the five things so here it goes:

1) If NZ is playing Australia I will wear yellow and green and cheer for the Aussies

2) I have epilepsy, but live a life which is probably not advised for people in my condition lol

3) I used to be a champion swimmer before I stopped training to concentrate on school work

4) The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney movie and yes I know most of the songs off by heart " I wanna be where the people are, I wanna see, wanna see them dancing..."

5) I went to the same school as one of Donna Awatere Huata's daughters (she was a year ahead of me)

Have a great 2007!