Sunday, June 04, 2006

No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up

Today has been
BUT: this almost made my day...Yes I take pleasure out of the simple things in life...

Last week in my politics lecture, Murry McCully and Chris Trotter graced my class with their presense for a panel discussion on the "future of the right." So, anyway, I open up the paper today and read Chris Trotter's article where he mentions me! Not by name though. "Last week, a post-graduate political science student asked me if I thought National would ever again be the 'natural party in government'..."


Although, he got it wrong, I'm not a post-grad student. Oh well. SIGH.

That discussion was so much better than the one we had on Friday with Mike Smith - secretary of the Labour Party. Mike Smith gave us a small speech about how Labour was truly a social democratic party etc and implied that National was fairly scum, because of it neo-liberal policies.
Then Oliver asked him what evidence was there that Labour had moved away from the neo-liberal reforms of the 1980s, and he went on this tangent about the nationalisation of ACC, then mumbled a bit, said something about Wayne Mapp's 90 day bill, but really didn't answer the question. Sigh.

Has Labour really moved away from neo-liberalism, or has it cleverly disguised it under the term "the Third Way"?

Anywho, I have exam preparation to think about, and a trip to Italy! on the 26th to look forward too. Yay. I'm going on a contiki tour :)

Also got a 'guest post' coming later tonight!


stef said...

I don't think that Third Way policies are neo-liberal. More an updated version of the principals of socialism, that fit with todays society.

Have fun on your vacation.

Pamziewamzie said...

I can't believe he thought you were post grad!! Must be cos you're so mature :)

James said...

Can any Lefty please explain what "neo liberalism" actually is...? You are either a Liberal or not...there is no "Neo" about it....

I suspect that what you really mean is "true Liberal" as in supporting Free markets,free speech,individual rights,limited government etc.....and not "fake Liberal" as in what Socialists try to paint as Liberalism..big Government,restricted freedoms,taxation,regulation etc...

Pam..I gave you a book explaining all this...I expect better...;-)

Oliver said...

Stef, if you look in a detailed manner at the economic policies of UK and NZ Labour, you'll realise that the Third Way really just constitutes neo-liberalism with social democratic language and a few bells and whistles.

James, we are not Yanquis and thus our word for 'liberal' emerges from a traditional Kiwi/British origin. Of course, I can't expect free marketeers to be capable of stopping themselves from believing that New Zealand should be a cultural colony of the United States.

Heine said...

Oh dear Oliver, please don't bring out the US boogieman again.

NZ Labour didn't adopt the Blairite 3rd way. Blairs education and health policies are more about choice and delivery than the NZ Labour model.

If you think Labour NZ is on the wrong track you are going to have many many miserable years ahead of you, cause it aint gong to change! :)

Sophia said...

"cause it aint gong to change! "

Thank God! Wooohooo