Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Is All Around

I am a huge lover of Christmas, and am also very big on the whole idea of giving.
I spend alot of time trying to find thoughtful and meaningful gifts for people who are close to me, something which I am really struggling with as I can't find anything for my beau. I have already completed most of shopping, but will have the rest done by the end of the week (finger's crossed).

For my boss it will be a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine and a bucket of candy canes to be shared with everyone else in the office. However we are all looking forward to our Christmas party on Friday night, where we have just ordered $100 of pre going out drinks for the office, so we all be getting into the merry part of christmas.

However, for me, as someone who lost their dad 8 days before Christmas when I was 6, who has spent a couple of years at Christmas in hospital I know that this time of year can be hard for people. It is for this reason that I do a grocery shop of "treat" foods and a present shop that I then donate to the city mission. I also do a soft toy drop to the Children's Hospital, a blanket and food drop to the SPCA and I also give monetary donations to other charities such as The Salvation Army. I love Christmas and want to ensure that those who for some reason or another may not be able to celebrate Christmas are able to at least get a little something special.

I also like to visit elderly patients in hospitals and rest homes with little Christmas cakes, and other baking and goodies and sing some old carols with them, as many of these people do not have somewhere to go at Christmas and to be able to share the joy of Christmas with them is absolutely amazing.

This year I am also going around all the Wellington City Council flats next week delivering a pack of Christmas Mince Pies to each household which I am looking forward to.

Whilst I do not expect people to spread the joy to this extent, I do ask you to at least think of others who may not be able to celebrate Christmas or find it a difficult time of year and if you see a collector on the street to someone asking for a packet of chocolate biscuits please do give something - you have no idea just how much it means to the person who will receive it.

Merry Christmas!

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Diving into the wreck said...

Giving is always much more rewarding than receiving.

If only lots of people would realise the significance of that.