Sunday, December 30, 2007

Look how they shine for you,

Every December after Christmas, I begin to chill out and reflect back on the year that is about to end. So my lovely friends here is ten things that i loved about this year and ten things i didn't.

My ten most worst moments of 2007 (in no chronological order)

1. Sitting in a car with Pamziewamzie and Red Rasputin and having to listen to political drivel for 8 hours non stop.
2. The All Blacks losing
3. Coming home from road trips to find 2 ex flatmates on separate occasions gone leaving me (leaseholder) with huge debts.
4. Niece in hospital.
5. Hearing that Welly Girl was in hospital at one stage.
6. Not being able to go to best friends wedding because it was held in Hong Kong.
7. The Electoral Finance Bill
8. Having to be exposed to Emo's everyday when walking down my street.
9. The neighbours.
10. Christmas eve phone call - Good friend ( also brother of best friend) had died, age 19.

My favorite moments/things of 2007 ( in no chronological order)

1. The birth of my niece
2. Justin Timberlake concert
3. Road trips down to wellington
4. Meeting Wellygirl, Pamziewamzie and DPF
5. Tiramisu
6. Watching cricket on long summer days at my old work.
7. Rudd becoming Australian Prime Minister
8. Best friend getting married.
9. Mid week tipples
10. Moments of spontaneity

That was my best and worst times of 2007. So here is to 2008 where in Feb, Another Red Confectioner and I are off to Sydney for six months or more to start our O.E travels!!.


Anonymous said...

Hey Diving!

You took the time to read the EFB!

or should that be; You took the time to read the EFB?

Happy New Year!

Diving into the wreck said...

yes i did take time to read the EFB.

Happy New Year