Monday, August 18, 2008

Blonde Moments

FYE - For your entertainment.
Like the fairy tale character, Little Red Riding Hood can display shocking moments of blondeness. I've never got as far as inside the wolf's stomach though and I think this is where we differ.
1. I was on a plane to London for the first time, having a conversation about the difference between Britain and England. Mistakenly I let out the fact that I thought the UK and Britain were the same thing.
2. Starting a new job in Sydney, the person 'training' (I use that word in it's loosest term) me kept going on about some acronym, EA. (Executive Assistant) I was going to ask her what an EA was, but some higher sense kept my mouth shut. I was an EA. I hate acronyms.
3. I still don't really know the difference between the words 'bringing' and 'taking' used in a sentence. And I don't care.
4. No matter how many times I drive through it, I always get lost when driving back to the city from South Auckland.
5. Walking into a glass revolving door on Friday night, in front of a male I was trying to impress.
6. In Parliament, never ask official-looking people if they work for Parliamentary Services. How am I supposed to recognise all 120 MPs..?
7. Walking into the CEO's office at work thinking that it's my bosses' office as they are right next door to each other and look identical.
In younger days...
8. Thinking that a ferry was a fairy; understandably I was very excited about my first trip on one.
9. Getting everyone in my class to sign a 'politician' (petition) against the teacher for keeping everyone in during morning tea every day.
10. Feeding little sister parsley (her first solid food) at six weeks old because I was told it was good for you.

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