Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Marian Hobbs has officially announced that she will not be contesting the Wellington Central seat in the 2008, this is a sad lost for the Wellington Central electorate, as Marian is a fantastic MP admired by people from across the political spectrum, as she will stand up for what she believes in, even if that means getting the PM's back up.

I had the wonderful opportunity of working for Marian, she was a great boss. The way she dealt with things, and even in some really 'interesting'(the niceset way to phrase it) times she kept a cool head on her. She also offered lots of support and advice on work related things, but also in times of personal need.

Marian has been in Parliament for 12 years, been in Cabinet and then stepped back, she feels that she has gone in, worked her bum off, and now should take a step back to allow for rejuvenation, she was never a "career politician" unlike many others in Parliament.

Marian will be heading over to the UK to teach after the 2008 election, I wish her all the best and thank her for the way in which she has looked after the people of Wellington Central and for her work in Parliament as well.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a release for that?

welly_girl said...

I know that it has been, but I am not sure where, I got it straight from the horses mouth a long time ago, but she told me last night that it was official

Heine said...

She did finally shake off that tag as boo boo, which was a fine effort after her disasterous first few years in the house!

The fact she got into Parliament through boundary changes was also a talking point at the time, but I agree she did well to fend off Blumsky in the last election and I am sure she will be missed by her Labour colleagues :)