Thursday, December 14, 2006

Please report it and get help!

Here is a letter that one of the victims of the recent spate of date rapings in Taranaki wrote. It is sad and it certainly moved me to tears.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim to this, and not just in Taranaki, go to the police. It does not matter if you can not remember descriptions, times etc REPORT IT! Rape is not something you bring on yourself, the person who commits such offences should be in jail to prevent them hunting on innocent people.

While you are out partying, and especially at this time of year, be aware of your drink, your friends drink and people around you. Also keep an eye on the amount you and your friends are drinking, and if someone seems remarkablyl drunk for the amount they have to drink there is a warning sign and you should report is ASAP.

If you do fall victim to such a horrific attack go to a Police Station or dial 111, then get some counselling this can be sought from Rape Crisis or privately. People are there to help you through such an experience so use them, because keeping it inside will not help

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