Friday, December 15, 2006

Police Protection

The New Zealand Police are being given protective body armour to wear to emergency calls. The first area to receive the gear is Counties Manakau. They will be followed by Auckland, Northshore and Northland.

I think it is a pity that NZ has come to a point where our police force need to be dressed in such gear, because the risk of being hurt or killed on the job has increased significantly.

However, even though the Police now have extra protection, they will still need to use their tactical training to deal with the criminal/s, as protective gear does not do that. Hopefully the extra weight will not impede police from being able to give chase if necessary.

I am pleased that the Police will now be better protected, I just hope that it also means that the people of New Zealand will be as well.

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Pamziewamzie said...

Let's hope it doesn't detract from their hot uniforms.