Monday, March 05, 2007

O-Week in Wellington

Man what a week last week was - definitely my best O-week ever!!!

I was so tired this weekend as I had spent most of the week partying O-week style, particularly from Wednesday onwards.

Wednesday arvo started at wank (Mount St Bar) where a quiz was to take place but as there were only a small number of people there it was postponed until Thursday, so we wandered down to Dusty's played some cricket (well kind of cricket) and then I watched poker while others played, before heading to Syn for some Hell's Pizza and then heading home.

Thursday rocked!!! Thursday afternoon I was back at Wank to partake in the Quiz, although my team did not get placed I won a Mill voucher for $50 (which of course has already been spent) I got terribly drunk on a combination of beers and was fairly trolleyed by 7pm. I was supposed to attend the Great Debate, instead i slept on the VUWSA presidents couch.

After a quick recovery I wandered up to the Comedy Night it was SO funny, and I proceeded to get even drunker as I was being supplied with free Black Smirnoffs and was sitting backstage for most of the event, so also got to meet the comedians. It was an awesome event.

Afterwards I have some memory of being at Dusty's again and then sitting on the side of the road waiting for my mate to come down so we could go to town, its a bit fuzzy.

Friday night I was SO tired, as on top of my late nights on Wednesday and Friday I had been spreading the Labour word at both the Kelburn and Piptea Clubs Days. I also was not feeling the best so opted for an early night. I only know about the incident at the NOFX concert via word of mouth and from witnesses and do not want to speculate, except that it does it appear it has been blown out of proportion.

Yesterday was the bowls competition at Island Bay, games were funny, costumes even funnier and the constant supply of Speights was even better, before heading to the Cambridge where the love of my life, Mr Conrad Smith, also was (I did not know this before hand) so as I have got a new phone since my last phone picture with him, I got another!!! He is SO hot.

This week I am partaking in the Suburban Speights Safari ie pub crawl on Wednesday night and hopefully Juliette and the Licks of Friday night, I will attempt to get some photos and post these for all to enjoy.

Huge Congrats to VUWSA and everyone who has helped run an awesome Orientation, keep up the good work.

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