Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My appeal to Repeal

This was my letter which I sent to politians asking them to Repeal Section 59:


Please support the Crimes Amendment Bill.

Our children deserve better than the status quo with section 59.

Positive parenting has been found to be much more effective in teaching children to behave well. Hitting them doesn't teach children anything. It just perpetuates cycles of violence.

As a Christian, my support for this Bill is consistent with and mandated by my faith. Christian teaching is based on the message of love and treating others with dignity and respect.


If you want to do your bit you can send an email from the website that will go to which ever MPs you want it to urging them to vote for the Repeal of Section 59.

I wrote to many MPs (no labour ones) about a year ago asking for their stance on Section 59, Peter Dunne and Winston Peters were the only people I ever heard back from, although they did represent the views of all their caucus stating it would be conscience votes. Act and the Nats never got back to me. This does not discourage me, at least they have heard a voice from the public, so PLEASE get emailing. A large number of singular voices has a lot of power.


Alan said...

Religion has caused more violence and harm in the world than smacking kids ever has.

your problem is that your faith is not consistent with your faith. there have been plenty of deaths in teh name of religion, can;t recall any murders in the name of atheism.

the point you make that i do agree with, (although you have made it badly and missed the point) is that hitting children does not help. when my father basically lost it and actually had a go, and was violent (ie table legs) it did not exactly engender me to not do things again, but well before that, the trifling smack did cause me to not do what i hadbeen smacked for. and that smacking was nothing more than trifle and transitory.

a smack on the bum is not being hit, its a short sharp corrrection, and it does work. will i want to ever smack my kids if i have any? hell no, but its my choice and it always should be.

somethign you lot seem to have forgotten in your quest to tell people how to live their lives.

Michael said...

Have you seen the Herald coverage of yesterday's march in Wellington?