Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The type of questions you get asked while waiting....

to buy your drink at a bar.

"So have you ever done it using a glow in dark condom?"

"Done what?"

"Done it?"

"Done what..(puzzled look on face)....... oh you mean, "


Glow in dark condoms? is there any point to them...... and who actually uses them?......

As Jay Leno says " The best thing about this condom is, you've got to be man enough to wear it. I mean you, don;t want to walk into the bedroom and have your wife say "Honey, what is that....a penlight?"

what about those flavored condoms?....... coming in all different flavors such as kiss of mint, chocolate passion and hubba bubba grape and for the more diet conscious...sugar free. ...

Does anyone actually like the flavor of these? or does it remind you of your first scented lip balm you bought to impress that boy who threw his rubber at you in maths class.

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