Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Exercise the fun way...

I discovered this story this morning on stuff:

It is interesting because Salient earlier this year ran an article about pole-dancing as a form of exercise. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but now have decided that I may just do it - it is supposed to be really good for you and gives you a great work out.

My next step is to get over the fact that people are going to see me walking into Santa Fe (a strip bar in wellington) at 7pm on a tuesday and thursay night. And wellington is such a small town who knows what kind of rumours could start.... although I think I would prefer the rumour I am a stripper compared to the one I was joining ACT!!!

This new exercise regime has taken off over the world with movie stars jumping on it, Teri Hatcher swears by it and even did a demonstration on Oprah. I am sure it would also spice things up in th bedroom.

So, I think I may take on this new and exciting form of exercise, I just have to swallow my pride. If any one else feels like joining me let me know and I am sure it will be fun.

To keeping fit and healthy....

A xxoo


Heine said...

Umm, yes exploiting yourself in a gross nudey bar like Santa fe is worse than being a willing member of ACT :)

Sure thing Welly_girl. :)

I preferred Lixx, far nicer girls :)

welly_girl said...

It is not exploiting yourself, as the lessons do not take place as part of the "show"

One does not go to these lessons and learn to strip per say, rather how to use the pole to tone up etc

Shorts are recommended because it allows your thighs to grip to the pole easier, as skin has better grip than material.

It is simply an exercise class with a difference... if it was in a gym people would not think twice

Reuben Brickell said...

exellent more power to you, and if all else fails youll be able to do the wind pipe crush thing that pierce brosnan has performed on him in golden eye :)

Eleanor said...

If pole dancing is just a form of exercise and not degrading towards women at all, then why don't men do it?

Paul said...


our evil plan is working. Next we will convince them that lap dancing is healthy exercise.

Heine said...

Welly Girl, lol, you didn't read your own post :) You said you'd rather be rumoured to be a stripper than a ACT member.

The pole dancing and everything else that comes with it I am very comfortable and happy with, ha ha ha. I wish you luck in toning those thighs :)

Paul, lap dancing is really good for the...umm, the eyes and hands ;)

welly_girl said...

Thanks guys - well last night I will confess I went to step class rathen than pole class

Heine said...

It's a start :) Next you should do research at mermaids ;)

Paul said...

Welly Girl,

the next time you are at an ACT meeting you can wear an I'd Rather be Pole Dancing shirt.

Heine said...

Fantastic. I hope you're taking notes here.