Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hell's Pizza campaign.... seen as hellish

So the crowds have complained about the hell's pizza campaign using condoms to the advertising complaints authority and Family First are over the moon :

I admit that maybe Hell's Pizza did not target their campaign in the right areas, nevertheless the uproar surrounding it has undoubtedly created alot more publicity for the company... even I admit that I went into get a pizza from them only a few days later to see if they actually had the condoms in store as well - they certainly did and one of the guys who worked at this store told me they had had heaps of people coming in and asking them about the campaign, so I do not really see why Family First are happy they have helped create a successful campaign for a something they were against.

If Hell's Pizza end up getting fined, the extra revenue they have generated from the help of Family First and other complainants will help cover the cost I am sure.


Anonymous said...

If they get fined its a kick int he balls for free speech in NZ

Paul said...

I wonder how many of the complaints received condoms in their letterboxes.

Brian said...

Quick question welly_girl, do u study or have studied marketing, and when i say this i mean beyond 200 level?

welly_girl said...

no i have never studied it.

However I do it as part of my job

Brian said...

thats cool,

the reason i ask is that im sick of ppl commenting on things they dont know anything about.

its like me commenting on how a man should best make a brick, i have no clue.

what do u do?

Keith said...

its a kick in the teeth for free speech because they put material in peoples privately owned letter boxes?


Anonymous said...

Sex selling pizza? It's a provocative and clever campaign (not that I agree with it). Whatever will they think of next?

We received one of the Hell condoms in our letterbox. My entire family was put off Hell Pizza because of it (and they're not particularly socially conservative like myself). They thought it was weird, innappropriate, and a strange combination of images/thoughts conveyed: as I said before, sex and pizza??? Really.

Mel C <><