Thursday, November 23, 2006

ME... according to Cosmo

So I was bored at work and over the past few days have taken a number of Cosmo quizzes.
I promise I only did each one once and was honest - so here is a brief description of what I am like, well at least according to Cosmo, and Elle Woods said, Cosmo is the Bible.

Slightly sinful femme

Sure, you'll toss your Clooneyesque boss a compliment, ditch your diet for a night of chocolate bliss or hook up with a random guy on holidays, but there's always a deliberation process that keeps you in check. "You know how to let loose and live in the moment, but you always weigh up the consequences before acting," says psychologist Dr Nancy Rosenbach. What's the secret of your self-control? "You know that it can be even more enjoyable to be slightly bad and savour it, rather than being full-blown naughty and suffer for it," says Tracey Cox, author of Superdate. "You'll flirt with a guy who's taken and enjoy yourself, but won't push it to a point where it compromises a friend's trust. Similarly, you'll relish a random day off, but you realise that being a serial skipper doesn't give you a rush, just a slacker rep."

You're a fabulous femme

You’re confident, charismatic, and super-sexy, but you don’t flash it in everyone else’s face – that’s what makes you truly fab. Sure, you’ll toot your horn a little at an interview or dress to wow your new boyf’s friends, but you don’t try so hard to impress that you steal everyone else’s thunder.Because you’re so secure, you don’t feel the need to bulldoze people to prove you’re worthy of getting what you want, says Julia Bourland, author of The Go-Girl Guide ( For example, when your stylist gives you highlights that would even scare Pink, you feel entitled to a redo but ask for it nicely. Similarly, you don’t put guys through hell when they don’t give you 110 per cent of their attention. Still, you will give a distracted date a subtle reminder (“Waiter, a glass of your best merlot, please!”) that you’re worth your weight in golden mobile phone minutes. Cheers to you, sister!

You're a good-time gal

Your definition of fun isn’t pushing yourself to the limit but finding pleasurable ways to unwind. For instance, you’ll skip out of work early and hit a party with colleagues after a tough day, but you don’t go overboard, dance with every guy in the place, and end up missing work the next day to recover. “You’ve achieved a sense of balance,” says Cameron Tuttle, author of The Bad Girl's Guide to the Party Life ( “You know when it’s important to get out of your serious mind-set and let loose, even if you’re feeling stressed or worried about something. You also know when it’s wise to spend quality time by yourself on the couch.”Similarly, you don’t need to prove to everyone what a fun person you are. If skydiving sounds less than enjoyable, you’re not about to free-fall just to impress a new guy. Still, you’re flexible enough to step outside your comfort zone occasionally. Because of your mix of charisma and calm, both friends and potential boyfriends find you enchanting to be around.

Balanced babeCongrats!

You know when to stick up for yourself and when to let things slide - and you do it all with the utmost finesse. You're secure enough to tell a guy when you think he's done something dastardly, but you are also tolerant enough to accept his shortcomings. You're unabashed and don't let people walk all over you, but you also don't boss them around. Instead, you know how to negotiate and motivate people so they do their best and get their fair share. "By combining empathy and caring with confidence, you get fabulous results more often," says psychologist Dr Vivien Wolsk. Your self-esteem is alluring to those around you. That's why you're the one to snag the promotion, hook the guy or attract the gang of fab friends. In the end, you're most likely to succeed in everything because you know how to keep yourself and those around you content.

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