Tuesday, November 28, 2006

John Quays

I was sent this email entitled " I wonder if this song by the fall will come to haunt national"

It made me think lol, and so have decided to share it:

The x in x-mas is a substitute crucifix for Christ
No Christmas for John Quays

The powders reach
And the powders teach
And when you find they can't reach
There is no Christmas for junky

He thinks he is
More interesting
Than the world
But buying cigs
Puts him in a whirl

A packet of three-five fives
A packet of those over there
And 20 special offer cigars

Found talking to the cigarette machine
Into nicotinic acid
Good king Wenceslaus, he looked out
Silly bugger, he fell out

He spits in the sky
It falls in his eye
Then he gets to sit in
Talking to his kitten

And talking about Frankie Lymon

Tell me why is it so?
Tell me why is it so?

Out of his face with The Idle Race
Out of the room with his tune

Although the skins are thin
He knows its up to him
To go out or stay in

I'll stay in
I'll stay in


There is no Christmas for junkies
No girls
No curls
Just the traffic passing by
Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye

No X-mas for John Quays


Eleanor said...

What the hell?

Paul said...

The Fall on Red Confectionery; bliss

Anonymous said...

According to Pam Key is a hasidic crypto-Jew so I'm pretty sure he won't mind if you tell him he can't celebrate Christmas.

Panty slut boy, now there's something to write about.

Heine said...

Yes, panty slut boy is the man of the moment... and not a peep from you ladies about it??!!!