Thursday, January 25, 2007

Following the crowd...

And because everyone else has done it I too have taken the Australian Political Test.

Here are my results:
Greens: 53.5%
Australian Democrats: 66.4%
Labor Party: 73.9%
Family First: 66.2%
Liberal Party: 56.2%
National Party: 49%
One Nation Party: 75.2%

I am suprised by the ONP being my top scoring area, however the Australian Labor Party are are only a few percent behind.

It does appear that I am about as Centre as one could possibly get, althought my social and traditional views do spread to the left rather than the right.

So if one combines these results, with my 8 tribes results, I am kinda confused as to where exactly I stand in the political spectrum.


Anonymous said...

Thats because you're still young. No use trying to get to one place on the spectrum just yet.

And the Aussie Labor Party is a different kettle of fish to the NZ one. So your results, along with your support for the NZ Lab party, only makes for even more confusion :)

Aucklander At Large said...

I'm interested as to how the One Nation Party could return a left social score...