Thursday, January 18, 2007

Just another silly titter

FUCK. Excuse the vulgar language, because I'm such a lay - dee...

But isn't it funny how anonymous comments pop up when the option is there? They're like gangrene... never go away until you cut your arm off.

The point of this post however is to express my joyous happiness to the world.

One of my friends is dating a guy that runs a talent agency. When he met me he said, "Hey, you're really pretty. Here's my card, you would be great for extras work." I'm sure they say that to everyone (and of course I don't want to do extra work), but it was nice.

Also found out that a long standing crush of mine said some *pleasing* words about me.

Well that will curb my bisexual tendencies, won't it??!!

Also decided that this ad is funny, so have included it here. But then this blog has lower standards than airports...

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