Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My "scientific" tribe

Tony has a link on his blog relating to the 8 tribes as discussed in my last post.

So I took the test and it turns out that I am indeed North Shore and Remuera, with a low percentage of Raglan and Otara but no Grey Lynn, Papaptoetoe, Cuba Street or Balclutha, which I found suprising.

I wonder what this really means about me?

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Anonymous said...

Cuba Street I am:

"A transitional Tribe for young alternative Kiwis on the cutting edge of cool, where new is the greatest virtue, being labelled mainstream the greatest fear and self-expression the great preoccupation. The Cuba Street tribe is the edge from which many trends and fashions emerge in the 80s it was the vanguard of espresso, in the 90s of body piercing and tattoos."

Shurely shome mistake?