Monday, January 15, 2007

What tribe are you?

I really enjoyed reading in the weekend edition of the Dompost about "which tribe are you?"

Two PR experts have written a book re-classing stereotypes that exist in New Zealand, it is quite interesting reading. But I do not know how much better they are than typical stereotypes that already exist, one could argue all these PR people have done is rename them.

Interesting to see some well known New Zealanders classed under each catergory:
North Shore - John Key
Grey Lynn - Helen Clark
Raglan - Josh Kronfield
Remuera - Sir Douglas Arthur Montrose Graham
Balclutha - Winston Peters
Cuba Street - Flight of the Conchords
Otara - David Tua
Papatoetoe - Jerry Brownless (originally at least)

According to the article I would classically fit into the Remuera Tribe, being from Havelock North and attending a private school, however I do not come from money, let alone old money which may mean I do not get classified into this.

Should I wish to classify myself I would probably say I am of the North Shore Tribe as I am ambitious and hard working, like to keep up my appearances and ultimately would like to have a house in a desirable street in New Zealand with the car and job to suit, but do still contains elements of the Remurea Tribe ie that manners are important and I am a proud ex-private school girl and as my home town in listed as a Remuera Tribe area, as well as other suburbs and towns I would like to live in, I guess that is my stereotype foundation.

I guess my Labour loving ways definitely add a mix to my "tribe" though.


Jordan Carter said...

Isn't it an interesting survey?

I meet all the attributes of the North Shore tribe (extremely competitive, ambitious, civil and into the comfortable life), but there is no doubt whatsoever that I am a Grey Lynn person.

That must be explained somewhere in the book.

Anonymous said...

Must be in Public Relations 101 - how to get your name in the paper:

- Come up with a set of demographic profiles

- Invent "amusing" names for them

- Put the results into an amusing article and send to all papers, preferable during a slow news week

Anonymous said...

I've made up more tribes! See here

George Darroch said...

The quiz on their site isn't too bad -

stef said...

How could they forget the westie? Aish. The westie shall inherit the Earth.