Friday, February 08, 2008

I like to take the scenic route.

I fucking love my Train wrecks. The bedroom floor is now covered with once thought Ghastly but now guilty pleasure magazines such as Cosmopolitan, NW, Cleo and whats the other one called. My regular favorite magazines such as Newscientist, Economist, National Geographic and Times are still around though indiscreetly swept under the train wreck montage.
Call me shallow, call me superficial but I really don't want to read or actually give a toss about some celebrity trying to raise awareness about any environmental, political, social or economic injustices through the adoption of some poor third world kid. No give me excerpts about Britney once again failing to go to court, another picture of Lohan in rehab, Winehouse telling the paparazzi to get f#$ked ' i dont need to go to rehab'.
Give me trash. Give me train wrecks! and you will soon find a long time subscriber.

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welly_girl said...

Cosmo, NW, Cleo - all great ACP Magazine titles :-P