Friday, February 08, 2008


So I have finished all my politics papers for my BA, and I should have finished by BA today but because for Wellington Teacher's College I have to have a second teaching subject this has meant I am now minoring in English and also had to do this over summer. I have a semester left with 2 200 level ENGL papers and one 300 Level HIST paper -I can't wait to finish I am SO getting over studying. And everyone is telling me off because I declined my offer to do honours.

Also am looking at flats with my bf which is scary and exciting at the same time and makes me feel very grown up, especially as it means we will be purchasing appliance and furniture together. I really want a place that allows animals so I can have a puppy - although the big dogs I really want ie Newfoudlands and Bernese Mountain Dogs will have to wait until I can actually afford to feed them as it will probably cost more than feeding me.

Am enjoying watching the lead up to the American elections and the way things are looking NZ with certain people making silly swipes at other people (I think we all know exactly who I mean) and must say not entirely suprised that Labour booted Benson-Pope out, although am confused as to why they kept Russell Fairbrother in Napier instead of putting in Nash.

Looking forward to the year and am already committed to a certain regions election team, and I have no doubts we will keep it blue, and keep the area prospering under an MP who actually does things for and in the community.

Thats sort of a general wrap of where I am at. Whilst some of the team depart the shores for the greatest country in the world, I will remain in NZ and plod through my rather dull life, that every so often gets a dash of excitement

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Pearl said...

Wow you really are growing up - even i havent done the whole move in boyfriend thing let alone appliance shopping.

That is just too grown up.