Sunday, February 24, 2008

On ya, Labour!

In an attempt to provide an unbiased approach to reporting, the Herald today has cut some slack to Labour.

The spokesperson for Labour makes a seriously good point:
"The National Party hasn't released any policy but has instead been saying different things to different groups. This will catch up with them when they eventually say what their programme is."

The positive poll results for National are largely a product of Key's sweet talking and I'm surprised, given the National Party's track record, that people fall so easily into that trap of believing leftie promises from evil right wing politicians. Political marketing theories also say that a sales (empty promises) based approach to vote grabbing is not effective in the long term. So even if National do get elected this year, can you actually imagine it lasting longer than one term?

Okay so I'm not very eloquent today, and I shouldn't call people 'evil' as it's not very nice. But I am going a little mad here. I miss intelligent conversation. No one in Sydney seems to do it, bar the guys that try to get into my pants. And sooner or later, they stop talking because I can totally out talk them on anything intelligent. So far. And it is so offputting, and transparent!

I can see why so many New Zealand travelling bloggers need to blog on this kind of stuff. Today Pearl and I had to secretly watch the news in the lounge. And when we strike up the occasional insightful comment: Eg. "Haha, that was just like such and such in the eighties."

We are given blank, unknowing stares. Sigh.

So how about that Britney?

Above is an example of what Sydney has to offer.

xx L


Lita said...

Oh no!! Blimmin culture-less Aussies. Although the intelligent talk into your panties sounds totally bearable.

I recommend searching out other foreigners for some wordly views. Aussies are the new Americans. Eek.

Pearl said...

they certainly are,
some even look, and sound like JLO from the Bronx.

Pearl said...

Word on the street -English Git is a tosser.