Sunday, February 03, 2008

"You better be home soon"

It has finally sunken in. I think the next time I hear that Crowded House Song "You better be home soon" - Tears are going to be rolling down the cheek and will probably feel the strong urge to write wait fuck that - an email.

Our farewell party was blimin top notch!. Over 100 people came through the night, Music was turned to stand by the speaker audible volume sometime after 10 thanks to Noise Control - Not that it ruined anyone's night.

Am so going to miss N.Z - friends and family definitely not my driveway, Viaduct, fish and chips, Out of Towners, Gilda Fitzpatrick, Marc Ellis, the word bugger, bush walks and more.

I am looking forward to all the adventures Lulu and I are going to encounter soon. I couldn't have a better person in this world to travel with!.

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Anonymous said...

Bon voyage Diving!