Thursday, February 21, 2008

Starting anew,

I always knew leaving N.Z was never going to be easy. In fact it was going to be hard. Stressful nights, points of starvation, crap hostels, no proper toilet facilities ; all you expect in a third world country except this is Australia - which makes the the situation seem ten times worse. Admittingly I am exaggerating, it really isn't that bad. Yes we have experienced the shite hostel with a bathroom that represented the camping grounds shower facilities you visited, in your Year 9 camp: concrete steel with rust coming through the edges with no water pressure coming at the heat spectrum of freezing cold to mild lukewarm.
In the unnamed hostel located in Kings Cross, one must walk four flights of stairs to access their dorm room - no lifts. Walking four flights of stairs is fine, that is if you have no luggage. Carrying luggage down is worse; the whole mathematics and physics of establishing and balancing luggage weight distribution plus taking steps down plus height can equal potential disaster as experienced last Sunday resulting in a badly sprained ankle, new accommodation and the discover of more perks that New Zealanders are entitled to here : Free Hospital Care.
Before leaving New Zealand, many advised us to move to Melbourne or even Brisbane and to watch out for those Aussies. Sydney apparently had no culture and that Melbourne and Brisbane is better. To them I say Bah humbug. Sydney is a fucking fabulous city. It is brimming with life, overflowing with galoshes of colors, melodies and best of all, people from all walks of life. It is also a great city to walk in - architecturally, flora and fauna, people watching wise. I do have one thing to say about the Public Transport system - Efficiency.
Trains run regularly, on time and until late. Taxis are galore and seem to be reasonably priced and the bus drivers are friendly, courteous and are always willing to help. Something that perhaps Auckland bus drivers could learn.
The current hostel we are now staying is very central and definite improvement from the Kings Cross unnamed one. It is filled with Brits, Germans, Europeans and few Asians. It has a massive deck where a regular few congregate everyday to eat, drink, smoke and be merry. Life isn't that much different from New Zealand. Everyone is very sociable, much more than the previous hostel. Even the managers/staff get into the groove of things. One could say that every night is a tipple night. Thursdays is wine and cheese night though more wine is consumed. Friday night was supposedly a trip to Bondi Beach for drunken antics all canceled by the previous night antics.
It would be wrong of me to finish my first posting about Sydney and not mention the male counterparts. The hostel lifestyle naturally places you in a position of being exposed to other travellers. It also exposes you to the world that is perhaps Tara Reid travel show inspired, i.e: Am abroad, lets fuck anything with two legs. The best place to start this, is always the infamous, popular Travelers Bar where free Alcohol is served between the hour of 9.30pm to 10.30pm most night if not every night. A poorly ventilated basement filled with sweaty drunken ruled by their dicks guys who hit on any girl that gives them eye contact. Eye contact being anything from 0.5 second glance to a looking through them while you are trying to spot your friend. Not all are like this. Most are relaxed , sociable, act appropriately and pretty good looking. And the Aussie male, why oh why did I not make more trips earlier before. Most Aussie males I have encountered are hot. There is something about the weather here - it does people justice plus the Aussie male possess a sense of old fashioned chivalry which unfortunately from experience many Kiwi males seem to have lost or is well hidden.
One Aussie male stopped and paid a taxi for me when he saw me limping home from town in the day, no questions asked and no hidden agendas of getting numbers etc etc. Just old fashioned chivalry. This is common in Australia. Learn New Zealand, learn - old fashioned chivalry is hot.

p.s : hope all is well in New Zealand.


Cactus Kate said...

Why on earth didn't you get good jobs save up and travel "nicely"? All this backpacker nonsense of course it's going to suck.

Those 2 men photographed look like they haven't showered with soap for years and have toejam. Disgusting.

Little Red Riding Hood said...

It doesn't suck, it's great! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the odd fancy dinner and fine living, but otherwise we wouldn't meet anyone. The guy on the left is hot, I guarantee you WOULDN'T turn him down

George Darroch said...

Chivalry? Perhaps he was being kind.

However, there's a sharp delineation of gender roles in Australia, how dominant masculinities and femininities are more obvious; in clothing, behaviour, the division of labour, and other important categories. In my opinion he was more likely feeding from his expectations on "what a man should do" i.e. look after poor weak women.

If you like this state of affairs, welcome to Australia!