Thursday, February 01, 2007

Kia Ora

To go with the re-branding and new image of the Air New Zealand services, they also wanted this blended into their on-flight magazine and as of today the former Air New Zealand Magazine is now called "Kia Ora".

The name change and redesign were the result of a combined effort by staff at Air New Zealand and ACP Magazines, who have custom-published the title for almost three years.

The magazine’s new look was designed to reflect a friendly, relaxed and more colloquial Kiwi flavour, with a fresh and contemporary feel.

“We liked ‘KiaOra’ as a title because of its warm, relaxed and welcoming meaning in Maori,” said Air New Zealand General Manager Marketing Steve Bayliss. “It recognises our country’s heritage and embraces Air New Zealand’s friendly and hospitable culture.”

Other changes to the magazine include bold section title pages, a fresh colour palette and new editorial features including interviews with prominent Kiwis about their travel secrets, and profiles of small New Zealand towns.

ACP Magazine’s editorial director in charge of custom publishing, Sally Duggan, said the ACP team was thrilled with the revamp, which delivers plenty of fresh new features for readers as well as better matching the airline’s brand image: “Custom-published magazines need to deliver on two fronts -- to reader, of course, but also to the client. KiaOra magazine does the job brilliantly.”

The magazine has prospered since it became part of the ACP Magazine stable, posting readership growth of more than 50 per cent over the period from April 2004 to mid 2006. Current readership is 279,000.* Every month 65,000 copies of the magazine are distributed on Air New Zealand flights. ACP Magazines also publishes Air New Zealand’s entertainment magazine, a monthly 24-page guide to the airlines inflight entertainment options.

Other ACP custom published magazines include the bimonthly parenting title, Little Treasures magazine and the New Zealand Rugby Football Union’s test match programmes.


Anonymous said...

What's with the blatant work advertising on your blog?

Pamziewamzie said...

Hey is Steve Baylis the guy that ran in the AECT election? Advertise whatever you want. ....anything ;)

(Ha jokes :) )

welly_girl said...

It's not really advertising seeing as you can take the mag for free off the planes.

I blogged on it coz I wondered what people think of the new name, I certainly have a view on it but it will remain an oral rather than written one.

Rich said...

Most brits will think it's something to do with orange squash!

Basically it will be dull the first read through and unbelievably dull after you've flown 60+ hours in a month and still run out of reading 2 hours before landing. They should get John Brown Magazines (e.g. Viz) to do the mag..