Thursday, January 31, 2008

Party time!

Essentials for throwing a good party:

A function on your cellphone that lets you send multiple messages.
Facebook event planners.
A flatmate that works at Lion Breweries (does anyone else have a problem pronouncing brewery? I do...).
Large quantities of beer.
A few hundred sausages for the BBQ.
Potato salad.
Plastic plates, cups, etc.
Chairs, backyard.
A dealer to sort your friends out.
Non-scratched mix CDs. (No Spice girls or rap, they will get turned off and destroyed)
An impressive stereo.
Letters to the neighbors.
A party dress that you haven't appeared in public in before, and heels that don't get stuck in the lawn.

Have I forgotten anything? I fear that I have...


MikeE said...

- Decks
- Mixer
- Amp
- PA Speakers
- Jelly filled pool
- Midget referee
- Naked girls

Seamonkey Madness said...


Lulu said...

Hahaha. :D