Monday, October 15, 2007

Drowning my disapointment in the Auckland public with a glass of gin and tonic

Things that disappointed and annoyed me last week.

Hearing the news that John Banks was re elected. Seriously disappointing.

The English winning and having to avoid any English rugby fanatic. This is of course is a very easy task as the ERF can be spotted miles away - pasty white, david beckham shaved heads, dreamy british accents or those who are less unfortunate- cockney or leeds twang and always found in backpackers such as the Fat Camel.

Text messages from Sailor and Oscar Wilde. Boys are funny. You be a complete bitch to them and they attach to you like ants to a jam jar on a summers day.

The wind and rain. Bring on summer and barbeques.

The movie Holiday - the most boring movie ever.

Things that bought a smile to my face last week.

Sunday Brunch.

Knowing that Summer is near.

Birthday celebrations.

Frank Sinatra "I did it my way"

Working in my new office.


Lulu said...

Don't forget to be unhappy about C&R's wins too!!

Diving into the wreck said...
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Pearl said...

Totally forgot about that. Seriously Disapointing.