Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Its what we do on a monday night

Ubergeeks Farrar, Heine and Kiwigirl comment on the recent Durex survey and it has the girls and guys at Red Confectionery finger and toe counting their "statistics". Lists are written and stories are shared. In true Red Confectionery manner, totals are calculated and averaged out. Average shows that Red Confectionery is listed the low mid tier of the spectrum. The spectrum showing on the far left virginal, never been kissed, Im saving myself for marriage LDS ring bearer while on the far right My 100,000 lovers New Zealand infamous sex addict Coralie.

In the world of Red Confectionery we recently learn:
  • A fellow confectioner (is that even a word) has currently finished their last Uni essay and possibly their last paper for their current degree.
  • Guys that go to the Rugby are hot. To be more precise 80% of the guys aged under 35 that go to Rugby at Eden Park with pink colored ASB stand level 5 tickets are hot.
  • Open mike night at Grand Central is becoming our Monday night pastime.
  • The month of October is terribly expensive and stressful.
  • Red Confectionery Patron God Newsboy has crossed "paths" with two fellow confectioners ( a boy and girl) at seperate times.
  • Patron God Newsboy is added to both boy and girl confectioners list.
And our urban word/phrase of the day is: Leave Britney Alone.


Lulu said...

Red Confectionery Patron God Newsboy (Jeremy Wells) has crossed "paths" with two fellow confectioners ( a boy and girl) at seperate times.

Lucky bloody bitches.

kiwigirl said...

Two of my kiwi friends and I in DC about 2 years ago - made graphs showing our statistics from when we first started shagging to now. It showed I had some very lean years (during the BB too long phase of my life) and some much better years (living in America)!

I think it all started as I turned up at about 11 am at our hotel having been out all night shagging Cute Mike the Republican.

Tres amusing.

xx K

Lulu said...

Haha, very tres :)

Diving into the wreck said...

Statistics are fun...especially when is applied to your own life.
Patterns are hot.

Heine said...

We put together a little excel spreadsheet of all the girls we shagged both here and London/Europe and had a real fright when it all connected many many times... although University was pretty messy so we weren't too surprised!

welly_girl said...

Red Confectionery ladies stats are fun and interesting