Sunday, October 14, 2007

Radar alert.

Last night Lulu and I (lured by rugby shorts of course) battled through the rain and wind to the rugby. We arrived, with out pink colored tickets, huge umbrellas and our eyes on hot guy radar alert. Luckily our tickets were for the members lounge ASB stand and not the uncovered terraces.

Boy was the Hot guy radar alert on full siren that night. They were everywhere at the bar, behind the bar, sitting down in their seats, the waiters , behind us, in front of us, on our left and our right and of course on the field.

A bottle of wine later and having plenty of eye candy to digest, it was pretty much half time and well since Auckland was pretty much winning by that stage, Lulu and I decided to leave to of course create more wild debauchery but thats another story for another time.

p.s: This whole going to the rugby or cricket thing could become a regular pastime for the various reasons:
1. Hot guys
2. Free tickets to games
3. Hot guys


welly_girl said...

mmmm rugby boys - although I of course was backing the mighty bay.

Lulu said...