Thursday, October 25, 2007

Children's Oncologist Gone

Yet another resignation at Wellington Hospital has left patient's and their families devastated at what the they will have to do to receive treatment.

The latest resignation comes from the only remaining child oncologist, meaning that all children suffering from cancer will have to travel to other hospitals in the country to receive tertiary treatment.

With currently 30 children under the Child Cancer Service at Wellington Hospital this is a huge strain to place on other hospitals, and furthermore the number of cases increases by about 11 each year. Wellington Hospital provides the service for patients in the lower North Island region as well as Wellington.

CCDHB has committed themselves to still providing the service and to finding another oncologist, however they will need to find more than one to battle the increasing work load.

Whilst Starship caters for many children around New Zealand they usually take critical cases and children from smaller urban areas that do have such specialist pediatricians in their hospitals.

Ronald McDonald House also allows a home away from home for parents, and the children themselves if they do not require constant hospitalisation but may need daily treatments.

It is horrible that officials are appearing to not be too concerned and that parent's who are alreading caring for their sick children, now have to fight to keep this much needed service.

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