Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ab-King Master

My current place of residence has invested in an ab0king pro, the whole 3 minutes a day, lose ten pounds in ten days machine and you will have abs of steel one day.

I need to get back in shape after being so sick and basically having had no energy for ages, so I have taken up swimming again, running, walking and have decided that using the ab king pro would be great as when I am short of time, which is often, I can just jump on this for 3 minutes.

So yesterday as I cooked dinner for the kids, and had prepared us adults dinner, I thought I would start using the machine. Now due to the shape of my back I can not have it on the hardest resistance but I had it on a good one for me. So I did my 3 minutes, and let me assure it is NOT as easy as it looks on TV. I could feel where abs should be contracting and whilst I felt like I had done a small workout I thought I could probably go for longer, so after checking on dinner I went back and did some more time on it.

This morning, whilst I did not miraculously wake up with the six pack the ads would lead you believe you can get, I am not sore (unless I cough) and can feel kinda of tighter in a weird way, so who knows maybe if I keep this up I will sculpt my way to a firmer sexier body haha.

So the ab-king pro currently gets a thumbs up from me, although it does not compare to step class which I miss greatly.


DS said...

Yes, but more likely you will end up looking like the missing link unless you focus on your lower back in the same way.

Just like amateur male body builders are easy to spot because they spend all their time bench pressing, their pecs overpower their deltoids, and they get the rolled shoulder look.

Seamonkey Madness said...

How are things going for your prep for the Police physical WG? Or did it all have to be postponed because of your temp illness?


Get better soon!