Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It Still Hurts

A number of jokes are out about the All Blacks loss against France, and hence departure from the World Cup.

Here are some I have received, please feel free to add more in comments.

Police found a man had hung himself wearing an All Blacks jersey, the police took it off and dressed the man in womans underwear, so his family would not be embarrassed.

What’s the difference between the All Blacks and an arsonist? An arsonist woouldn’t waste five matches.

What do you call 15 guys sitting around the T.V watching the Rugby World Cup final? The All Blacks

Hear the All black’s are replacing the silver fern on there jersey’s with a red tampon as it’s the worst fucken period they’ve ever had.

John Kirwan has been selected as the next All Black coach as he knows how to deal with depression. (bad taste I know)

What’s the difference between Graham Henry and Viagra?
At least Viagra gives you a semi.

Graham Henry gets handed a mobile phone and is told “this is Wayne Barnes’s phone”, Henry says “how did you know”, the reply is “it had 15 missed calls”

What's the difference between a tea-bag and the All Blacks?
A Tea Bag stays in the cup longer

Heard about the All Blacks new bra? All support but no cup

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Diving into the wreck said...

ah looks like you got the same jokes...