Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Church Like No Other

This Sunday ARISE CHURCH in Wellington turns 5. It is headed by Pastors John and Jillian Cameron with an amazing number of other Wellington based Pastors as well, such as Levi and Nadia Marychurch the youth pastors and Ben and Anna Carroll who are the children and Young Adults pastor.

This is church that started off with 30 people and now has 1400 members and three services on a Sunday plus a youth service on a Friday night. With a constant stream of different pastors from around the world speaking this church is never boring.

This Sunday there will one service at the Wellington Town Hall at 5pm, and be assured it will be like no church service you have ever attended, there will actually be fireworks involved in the service and a huge number of people there.

100 years ago there was an article publsihed in a local Wellington paper stating that more people were attending movies each week than church, whilst last week another local paper wrote more people are attending church than the movies each week - ironic that Arise does not have a permanent location but is usually at the Paramount Theatre.

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