Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Three things

I have three things to talk about.

1. Dress up parties. I'm so sick of them.

It is hard enough going through the arduous procress of making oneself look pretty. Which can include all of the following: Plucking, waxing, shaving, hair washing, hair conditioning, hair masks, cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturising, outfit choosing, clothes washing, hectic (and not quite completed) use of the clothes dryer, applying makeup, hair drying, hair serum, hair straightening, perfume application. WHOA.

Not to mention the rest of the things that need doing: Buying bottles of booze, calling taxis, making sure something's in the stomach (see why this often gets missed out).

And it's not fun going out in public in costume. It may be nice to be stared at sometimes, but not when you know it's only due to the uniqueness of your clothing. And the fact that you probably look stupid.

This is particularly difficult after a day at the beach on a Saturday, or even worse, a Friday after work. Sometimes I wonder, why am I feeling stressed on a weekend?

So when I receive an invitation to a theme party, I am not at all pleased. If I know the person well enough I will even be so rude as to turn up in mufti.

It's not cool.

Fact about dress up parties: most girls love them, especially the themes that give them an excuse to wear short shorts and those criss crossy stockings. It brings out our inner 'diva,' you could say.

But give me a normal party any day.

2. The Electoral Finance Bill.

Can't we just outlaw the Exclusive Brethren?

Bad joke. But regardless of the benefits that this bill could bring to election campaign fairness (and I am becoming more doubtful of this each time I read the media. Hmmm. Maybe this is telling. Perhaps the media have a vested interest in this issue?), it's not politically savvy. And at the end of the day, governments can't go around (blatantly) doing what the public doesn't want.

I'm being reminded of Thatcher's last years. That's right, her last years. When she got on that 'My way or the highway' buzz. Some studies would say that many third term governments do it. And many would say that they promptly get chucked out.

Swallow your pride Labour, I don't want National to get elected.

3. Lulu has a new love interest. SS, and every other male in the universe, couldn't be further from her mind.

xx L


welly_girl said...

1)I do like themed parties, but I don't do the short shorts and criss-cross thingy.

However very worried coz bf's work xmas party may be themed and I would like to look normal when meeting his work colleagues.

2) Do not even get me started on the stupid bill.

3) Super yay ;)

Diving into the wreck said...

1) who the hell goes through that much effort just to go a party - no thanks?

btw Lulu - if i ever have the energy to throw such a party - You will be denied entry if you are in mufti. - my place is so private there is no excuse.

2) Electroal finance bill - have not read anyting about dont know anything about it.

3) Exciting stuff

Anonymous said...

Hey diving! If you ever get the energy to get out of bed you could do well to be informed about the EFB!

Diving into the wreck said...

Anonymous - mmm why cant you just say who you are or at least have some interesting pen name?

Ha perhaps someone can enlighten me on the actually dont. As the other fellow red confectioners know - I am probably the least (and odd one out) politcally minded contributor.

Anonymous said...

Hey again! No user name nor password but I forgive least you're honest!

Unfortunately the Polies invade too much of our lives already to let them get away with something like the EFB.

Diving into the wreck said...

Thanks anonymous - yes i am remarkably honest.

I did just skim through the bill - mmm havent made up my mind on it tho.

Anonymous said...

Hey Diving...In case you're wondering I do have a life...You're not Libran (as opposed to librarian) are you? It could explain a lot!

Diving into the wreck said...

anonymous - reveal yourself!

and no im not a libran - im a gemini