Thursday, November 22, 2007

Not Cool at All

So spent part of Tuesday afternoon/evening in Wellington Hospital's emergency department after being rescued from Scorching Bay.

I must say I find it rather amusing that whilst conscious I was very aware of the sun and getting burnt etc, however apparently first aiders and then the ambulance crew not so much as I am a little burnt on my back and shoulders!

However I wish to have a small grumble about some of the nursing staff at Wellington Hospital. Whilst I appreciate that they have long days and annoying patients I do not think that essentially barking at me or being rude to my boyfriend is at all appropriate - especially on the day when it comes out that they are one of the worst emergency departments in New Zealand.

As someone who spends a lot of time in and out of hospitals, I do think that people skills are vital to have in the medical profession, I really don't care if you topped med school (ok so I probably would like that Dr) but if you don't have people skills you are not a good Dr or Nurse or other medical professional if you can't relate to people and make them feel at ease.

Oh well I was only in for a few hours and spent most of it unconscious/asleep but I do not think that just because a nurse is having a bad day that that should be subjected onto patients afterall for us to be in emergency I'm sure our day is not going to plan either!

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Diving into the wreck said...

Oh dear...what happened?

I agree with you - People skills are a must in the medical industry. Its like for god sakes you're working with people not just medical symptoms.

Hope you're all better.