Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The search for the hottest Male Out of Towner

My fellow Confectioners and patrons,

Red Confectionery is looking for this years hottest Male Out of Towner despite the fact that some of us have been majorily disapointed by the male out of towner said specimens in the brawn and brains department.

To qualify for this prestigious award the applicant must be

1. Male
2. Over 21
3. Born and raised in the small towns, villages and country side surrounding Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Receiving applications now.


welly_girl said...

Hot, Hot, Hot!
I nominate my hot work boy, although not sure how I can get a photo without making it obvious...

Pearl said...

If he qualifies.

Then you must or at least get his picture from his cv thing.

Pam said...

I nominate Bruce. And others, but they read this blog, sigh. Do they actually have to be hot?

Pearl said...

Im nominating Tim Shadbolt.

Go figure.