Friday, April 20, 2007

The US Elections - Go Hillary Go!

I am currently in my fresher class at School and one of my courses in Politics.

My Teacher thinks that Rudi Guiliani is going to win next year but of course I know it is going to be Hillary. I would like Obama to be her running mate and then he can take over as President in 2016.

What does everyone else think?

Go Hillary, Go!

I'm in, and I am in to win - Hillary Clinton 2007


Craig Ranapia said...

To be quite blunt, the more I see of both Clinton and Obama (and the GOP frontrunners, for that matter) the less impressed I am.

Give me a call when the media is more interesting in what's going on in the candidates' heads than the size of their (war)chests. Regardless of your political leanings, I think Americans should be scared shitless at the base-pandering air-heads running for the Oval Office.

james said...

where do you get thoes cool hillary badges and stuff

Paul said...

What school are you attending, HLC?

Chris Hipkins said...

I'd like to see Hillary get there. A Clinton/Obama ticket would certainly be a paradigm smashing choice! Interesting to see that in the polls Edwards is currently the only one who beats any of the leading Republicans in head to head match ups, but he is 3rd in the primary polls. Still, Kerry was barely registering this time in the last cycle and won the nomination. Will be interesting to see how Super Duper Tuesday changes the dymanics of the primary campaign.