Sunday, April 22, 2007


Limbo. Yes limbo, I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about... 'Just friends' oh yes people we've heard it possibly even said it a common term we use to run from inevitable commitment. I have to say being in limbo for me isn't all that bad consider this... you still see each other nearly everyday still talk, laugh even play together, but you just aren't together. Your hearing me aren't you, but this concept can wear very thin you see as you're constantly battling with yourself over whether he/she is really that into you I mean come on, they look at you the same, find ways to touch you and please, do not get me started on the "play fight" that will always I repeat always end in a kiss.

This awkward place we find me and you is definately a maschicistic outcome we've thrown ourselves into, you remember the break up - your strong self wanted to ring the neck of the 'breaker' and proclaim never wanting to see them again!!! Yet for some reason you withold this fleeting thought to believe that one day they will realise what fools they've been..... THEY WILL NOT no matter how true it is. Do you really want to be with someone that's half into you ? Please be answering no to this question albeit rhetorical. Now this is where it gets juicy you see there really is a valid reason for Limbo among the stronger of us, Limbo means you still get to see them (which you don't really care about because your sooooo over it) potentially even bed them, now you understand the scenario, the power is in your hands! Of course this isn't for everyone and forced Limbo should definately come after the initially destroying break up settles.

Do not fall back in love/lust keep your distance, no double txts, and always remind yourself just enough so that the wound stings that they broke it off with you.

xx- Stirling


stef said...

Sex with an ex is never a good idea the outcome is always the same: a more heinous scene than the initial breakup.

Stirling said...

i do agree with you but for some of us sex that feels like home is hard to resist and i do believe once your at a point when yuo can be hurt no more something fantastic happens, your enlightened to the fact that you cannot run from chemistry and giving in is painfully rewarding experience

gliderguider said...

Haven't you heard? Limbo is officially no more.

Stirling said...

thankfully the god i pray to doesn't live upstairs.

Cactus Kate said...

Damn Stirling, you've given it all away now. You have rather deep complex inner feelings for others and are not afraid to express them so are obviously homeo-sexual.

That's ok. I can still look at your pictures and pretend you are not.

You are perhaps the prettiest male blogger around.

Stirling said...

why thank you kate and for the record my sexual exploits tend to roam the field as much as my thoughts talk soon