Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stirling in Red?

Yes? no? joining the labour party ... what are your thoughts? could the party do with genetic royalty?



Cactus Kate said...

They could do with some hot genes, yes.

I picture you more a floating voter. Unaffiliated to any one party. A mish mash of muddle.

James said...

It depends on what you believe...if you believe that your fellow man is just a disposable means to your ends then join Labour.If you believe that theft of other peoples property is "good" and justified to "help the poor" join Labour.If you believe that lying,stealing, and frauding your way to political power is right then join Labour.If you believe that suppressing free speech and violating real human rights is the way to go join Labour.

If however you have a conscience and think for yourself have a good long ponder on what I have said before making your choice....you will have to live with the results..I know...I made the exact same decision when I left Labour to support freedom and truth, I have never regretted it.

Pamziewamzie said...

I've already registered you for regional conference.
...whoops :)

Sophia said...

Join the Labour party. We have cookies.

Seamonkey Madness said...

Yes, you have to buy them at inflated prices to help pay back the $800K your party misappropriated.

Alex Foulkes said...

Join the party. We have scones and tea cakes as well.

Oh and splendid fights! ;-)