Monday, April 30, 2007

The Weekend

It seems our blog has had been recollecting our partying habits, so I must stick with form and tell of my Saturday night. Photos will follow once my flatmate gets them to me.

It began about 7:30 at home, we were all dressed up and turned our music up. Shania, Spice Girls, Steps and Aqua were fantastic to dance to and their is a series photos showing how to line dance, the dance moves of Kylie Minogue, and the actions to "stop".

As the night progressed and the wine bottle emptied, and we devoured vodka bottles, we continued to dance and then split off briefly.

Two flattie went to another party, 1 flattie and his partner went to another party, flatties sister and flatmate went to kumara and I headed with my little silver cue jumping card to the Establishment. I met up with the two wonderful NZUSA Co-Presidents, the President of Mawsa and OPSA. As we danced away the mawsa and opsa presidents left, but we were joined by the lovable Geoff "da Maori" from VUWSA, my flatties arrived, Fiona from Labour and her friends, randoms and Jon from Salient.

We were quite a large group, but it was so much fun to dance and forget about all the worries that have been going on in ones life currently. We peeled off and people went home and to different bars, I ended up at Mirror Bar with some of the guys and girls before heading home myself.

Yesterday was spent finishing my essay and doing up a research proposal for another course, and then tonight will be spent preparing for my in class test tomorrow answering: Is is the nature of men to pratice polygamy and women to practice monogomy? or something to that description.

This coming weekend will be spent in Akl, so hopefully some pictures of Molly May, Pamziewamzie and myself will end up on here next week, and no doubt it will be included in a tale of michief and parties.


Pamziewamzie said...

I'm not going to get much work done this weekend, am I :)

David Farrar said...

In terms of practising both polygamy and monogamy, all I'll say is practise makes perfect!

molly may said...

no pamzie i doubt it....suck i have work this weekend too.