Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some more on Section 59

Linley Boniface wrote a good column on Section 59 in the DomPost yesterday.

She presents a good perspective on it AND from a parents stance.


Heine said...

Who is Linley Boniface? Not to sound flippant, but I actually have never actually heard of her.

She still falls into the trap by calling opponents of the amendment as pro smacking, comparing them to wife beaters etc. It goes far deeper than that. People resent being told how to brig up their children fullstop.

And all evidence over the weeks from other parents, the Police, CYFS and lawyers have all shown this amendment is a waste of time and will create paperwork without saving a single kids life.

Anonymous said...

About-face is more like it.Now that she is a self- proclaimed skilled parent because she can reason with her older children, perhaps she can take her own advice and write about provision of realistic altematives to smacking when five year old's wont reason with parents. As long as she doesn't recommend what she did to her kids when they were young - which was smack em and smack em hard. Hypocrite

Kiwi Trader said...

Totally agree. It is the intrusion into our lives that people resent.
This government still doesn't get it. Stop telling us how to live!

Heine said...

I wish that Labour got that into their heads, not one person I know wants to or looks forward to beating their kids. It's like Labour are telling us that opponents are pro violence (what Tony Milne is saying) when it actually breaks many parents hearts to have to discipline their kids that way.