Sunday, February 18, 2007


Despite always getting sick when I have even one of these evil pills, I still think we should be allowed to take them.

Sign MikeE's petition...

xx L


MikeE said...

Just a note - its actually an online version of Dr Richard Goodes petition from Libertarianz.

If you are behind this then please print and circulate the hard copy version

Rich said...

Why does it *demand* a political affiliation? I put None, then saw that nearly everyone was a righty. What happened to antiauthoritarian socialism?

James said...

..."saw that nearly everyone was a righty. What happened to antiauthoritarian socialism?"

As a contradiction it obviously doesn't exist...All socialism requires authoritarianism...without force Socialism is a non starter...sorry to disillusion you.

MikeE said...

The goal of that was to get an idea of where in the spectrum people/support was coming from.

Especially for showing evil tories like jackie blue that people from her own party don't support her busy body policies.

Same goes with Anderton.

whats interesting is I don't see any labour supporters yet. I would have thought that many in young labour wouldn't want to see their friends treated as criminals for what they put in their bodies.

Don't tell me I'm wrong.

Also - libz aren't right wing in the traditional sense.

MikeE said...

Oh and the political affiliation part was supposed to be volunatary.

Looks like I clikced the wrong tab!

Sanctuary said...

Just use E - its illegal already and the comedown isn't as bad.

Rich said...

Expensive and hard to find in NZ though, which is why people take nasty drugs like meth instead.

BZP is legal in the UK but not sold in many places - why would you bother when E's are $10 or less?

Rich said...

Anyway, anti-authoritiarian socialism isn't contradictory - you have the minimum of regulation and taxation to build a fair society, but don't restrict peoples personal choices on things like what chemicals they ingest, who they sleep with, what clothes they wear, what they read/look at, etc.

The Netherlands was pretty much run like this before they got hung up on the islamophobia thing.

Heine said...

Pfft the comedown isn't as bad? You must of had some weak E mate :)

MikeE said...

Rich - expensive yes, hard to find now.

NZ is swimming in "illicit" drugs.

Prohibition is doing nothing to prevent drugs from coming into NZ, as the recent articles on meth show.

(and as first had experiacne at many gigs shows!)