Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Waitangi Day

So it's Waitangi Day again and I certainly am not out celebrating, unlike on Australia Day.
It would be great if Waitangi Day got turned into the same celebration as our counterparts across the ditch.

What have I done to mark today? Well as many know I am a hopeless romantic and yet have never seen 'Dirty Dancing', so I have just finished watching it and now understand why everyone raves about it, it is truly a fanatstic romance movie and makes one *sigh* and only hope one day that same form of love will happen to me.

Dirty Dancing is definitely up there now as one of my favourites.


Pamziewamzie said...

Forget your heritage - NZ is so much better.

Heine said...

We celebrated Waitangi Day over two days over here. The pub crawl was a great day out and Sundays Hangi was superb. Every Kiwi here did themselves proud.

NZ should do something like Aussie Day. Every single Aussie I know over here was bursting with pride about being an Aussie. There is be nothing wrong with being patriotic.

Rich said...

Are you a refugee from the Australian Empire?

welly_girl said...

I would not say refugee.

Although I am from the outback, so some of the city slicker Aussie's (who therefore aren't your fair dinkum' aussies) would probably argue that I was trying to escape the extreme heat and wild animals and get some culture.

And the amazing landscape - if you know the Northern Territory my home town in Katherine.

gliderguider said...

Yeah, a good flick. I enjoyed seeing it in the theatres when it came out, and bought the DVD a year or two back form the $10 bin. I still enjoy it altouygh I don't play it as often as Casablanca or Lost in Translation.