Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mexican Wave

As many people know the Mexican wave has been banned at sporting venues in Australia, I am outraged at this. I understand that it because of the things that get thrown but NEWSFLASH you don't have to be doing a Mexican wave to throw things - the human is able to throw things without having the rest of the crowd do it also.

Therefore, at the cake tin on Friday 16 Feb, where the Aussies will play the Blackcaps, I propose that anyone there attempts to start a full circle Mexican wave within the stadium. This will signal that:
1) Mexican Waves ARE fun and NOT dangerous
2) In protest at what the Australians have done in Australia (because it means Kiwi supporters can't do them either)
3) That NZers will not be stopped from being allowed to mexican wave, at least not in NZ

Which ultimately leaves the Kiwis with one up on the Aussies


Heine said...

The good thing is Wellygirl, the Aussies will in due time realise it is stupidity at the highest level and should allow it after the nonsense has died down.

Mexican waves are famous for the chucking of stuff around, which can be annoying. But lets be honest, if you can handle a bit of rough and tumble, you shouldn't be going to the game in the first place!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea welly_girl, I like your thinking :-)