Thursday, February 22, 2007


Over on DPF's blog under the post about how close the anti-child abuse law reform bill is going to be(or as the right phrase it "anti-smacking") one commenter has the ignorance to comapre abortion to child abuse. I am furious.

I am sitting at work seething over these comments and should Whale Oil's blogger bash take place, I want to fight these SOBs and take them down. It is people like this that make me sick, how dare they accuse a woman of being a child abuser when she has a termination. If anything by terminating an unwanted pregnancy, this baby is not going to be neglected because it is not wanted, or she may be going through this because she can not provide adequate care for herself during pregnancy and when a baby is born. If anything terminations help prevent child abuse to an extent.

I am arguing with them under the comments but I can not believe that people still are SO opposed to terminations. I certainly do not advocate women to be careless in sex because termination is an option, but I certnaily do believe that it is a woman's right to choose whether she keeps her baby and I do not think that anyone else has ANY right to judge her for her decision - she needs support, as it would be one the biggest decisions she would ever have had to face.

And as for men commenting on it, I know you are entitled to your opinions but as the sex that will never be in that position I do not think that you can possibly identify or feel compassion towards women who find themselves in such a terrifying situation and therefore do not bring the emotional as well as medical and physical complexities to the situation.


MikeE said...

If anything abortion reduces child abuse, as children as less likely to be born into families with "less than ideal circimstances".

Having helped one of my best friends through this process - I utterly despise the anti abortion activists (though will defend their ability to freely hold thier views)

Heine said...

Hear Hear Welly Girl. I agree totally.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you totally! Its totally ok to kill a baby when a doctor does it. Grow a brain.

Pamziewamzie said...

Like, grow some balls anon.

Rick said...

You're the anti Plato.

Transcendence of emotional and medical and physical noises in one's head, which may constitute interference with the rational process, is the only way to really identify with anyone and the only way to experience noncontradictory compassion and you don't care about a word I'm saying do you.

And as for men commenting...such a terrifying situation and therefore do not bring the emotional as well as medical and physical complexities to the situation.

Nato said...

Everyone gets caught up on where people disagree - wouldn't it be so much easier if everyone just agreed that banning smacking is as bad as having an abortion?

Incidently, must you be all 'guys can never understand unwanted pregnancies and terminations' on us?
Sure, guys aren't ever going to be in the same situation as girls; but their situation is not without stress. And the first two comments here do seem to indicate that some people do understand some of it.

Lastly, don't despise anti-abortion activists. Disagree with them, despise their position, but realize that often the reason they are so anti-abortion is not because they don't want to support women, but because they have fundamentally different beliefs from your own.

(anyone catch the pun?)

welly_girl said...


The anti abortion activists that I see at the hospital whenever I am there visiting or for check ups always get an earful from me.

I totally agree that they are entitled to protest and have their view, but I hate them.

Single Girl in Londontown said...

Welly_Girl - great post!!!!

Could not agree more!

And have you ever noticed - how its always the Anon comments that are so ridiculous! Nothing annoys me more than people who can't even stand up and say who they are.

xx K

Anonymous said...

Abortion reduces child abuse? Abortion IS the ULTIMATE in child abuse.

welly_girl said...

Single Girl,

I agree with your stance anon's - take a stand and face up to it.

I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your red hair.

MikeE said...

Don't worry Welly Girl - the fuckers get an earful from me as well.

I mean honestly, don't they think that women in that situation are going through enough of a head fuck before they start spurting the relgious mumbo jumbo at them.

As I said - I do despise anti abortion activists. As they are fundamentally against a womans right to control her body.

I believe private property rights are sacrosanct, not some bullshit god. And a womans body is her most valuable piece of property, which she and only she should be able to control.

Not a government, and definately not some bigoted religious conservaite.

Its interesting that the anti abortion people on here are to cowardly to even login when posting, instead prefering to post as Anonymous.

so yeah - I pretty much agree with the post 100%

I don't however agree taht males are unqualified to comment on this. I helped a friend through this when in high school - and while it messed with her, it was also a complete emotional minefield for me as well.

It wasn't mine, and I wasn't involved with her at the time. But being the only person there to support someone through such a traumatic stage in their life when you are only 17 isn't easy.

It scares me still to think of how hard it was for her then, and how it must still be hard for her now.

And these pathetic fucks who hassle people in her position don't make things any easier.

I don't have any respect for those (few) who think that abortion is a form of contraception etiher.

end rant..

Anonymous said...

Its your choice to have an abortion so don't push that shit on us. It is bul shit to say that men will never know. You don't know what they are hanging out for

Matthew said...

Having read most of the comments on this thread it basically comes down to the line that it's a womens body and she can do as she likes:

"As they are fundamentally against a womans right to control her body."

I am not aginst a women controlling her own body. However you seem to have morphed the baby's body into the women's body - so it follows that the women has two heads, two hearts, four arms, four legs,...

The fact remains you are terminating the life of another human being, and one who is defenceless. Try and watch the videos available on for an idea of what is really going on.

Go on watch the video.

Murray said...

I think you should go kick Whale Oils ass.

I have his address if you need it.

As for abortion, being a guy not really my place.

Nor is it the place of any pysco slogan spouting wack job without enough conviction to even use his name to comment.

Damn, I think i may have blown my cover on the not commenting thing. Well at least I used my real details.

Anonymous said...

Every single person on here is anonymous so what the hell are you guys talking about? A psuedonym like single girl in london how is that less anonymous than anon???!!